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    RMZ - Materials and geoenvironment
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    The assessment of nutrient retention capacity of lakes and reservoirs
    Calculation of nutrient retention in European catchments applying a standard tool: EUROHARP-NUTRET
    Distribution of heavy metals under conditions of an urban small stream
    Interactive use of groundwater hydraulic modelling and GIS application for predicting of groundwater level rise impacts
    Petrography and rock radioactivity in the speleotherapy medical institutions of the Javoříčko Karst and the Mladeč Karst (Czech Republic)
    River bed and stream bank monitoring
    Strateški vidiki oskrbe centralne in jugovzhodne Evrope z električno energijo z oceno vloge premoga ter premogovnih tehnologij
    Survey of land contaminated with mercury at PVC-SODA factory in Vlora, Albania
    Zur Problematik des Einflussgrenzwinkels und des Umfangs einer Senkungsmulde