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    An asteroid breakup 160 Myr ago as the probable source of the K/T impactor
    Combining GPS and VLBI measurements of celestial motion of the Earth´s spin axis and universal time
    A critical review of 16-17th century reports on meteorite falls in and around Carpathian Basin : (additions and corrections to the NHM Catalogue of meteorites)
    Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory
    Fe isotopic variations in iron meteorites and implications for parent-body thermal histories
    Jubilantka RNDr. Marcela Bukovanská, CSc.
    List of publications by Milan Burša
    Lithium isotope fractionation in the terrestrial planets
    Magnetic record of ordinary chondrite chondrules
    Matrix pseudospectral method for elastic tides modeling of planetary bodies
    New constraints on the lithium isotope compositions of the Moon and terrestrial planets
    The Nördlinger Ries Astrobleme in the Euro-African Rift System: facts and inferences
    Notes on global quasistatic changes in the ocean-atmosphere system
    Petr Jakeš a výzkum mimozemských hornin
    Planeta ledu a ohně
    Planets redefined: Pluto gets demoted
    Posel u Posla
    Professor Milan Burša octogenarian
    Resonant period of free core nutation - its observed changes and excitations
    Ringwoodit - silikátový spinelid z meteoritů a nitra Země
    Stability of period and quality factor of free core nutation