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    Anmerkungen zur Devon-Korrelationstabelle, B117dm03 - B119dm03, B118ds03: Mittel- und oberdevonische Trilobiten-Stratigraphien von Böhmen und Mähren, Tschechische Republik, und vom Heilig-Kreuz-Gebirge, Polen
    The calcareous nannofossil record across the Late Cretaceous Turonian/Coniacian boundary, including new data from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and England
    Cryogenic cave calcite from several Central European caves: age, carbon and oxygen isotopes and a genetic model
    Devonian Correlation Table : supplements 2003
    Extreme sulfur isotopic fractionation between sulfate of carbonate fluorapatite and authigenic pyrite in the Neocomian sequence at Wawal, Central Poland
    Stone of a gothic pieta from Toruň (Poland)