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Geografické jméno
    Afrika severní
    Acritarch stratigraphy at the Tremadoc-Arenig boundary
    Biogeography of Early Devonian Chitinozoa : paleozoic Sequence Stratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, and Biogeography: Studies in Honor of J.Granville ("Jess") Johnson
    Boionautilus gen. nov. from the Silurian of Europe and North Africa (Nautiloidea, Tarphycerida)
    Carboniferous foraminiferal paleobiogeography in Turkey and its implications for plate tectonic reconstructions
    Chitinozoan implications in the palaeogeography of the East Moesia, Romania
    Časně variská konfigurace, ems-eifel, 394-380 Ma
    Devonian ammonoid zones and their correlation with established series and stage boundaries
    Distances Between the Early/Middle Devonian Gondwana and Laurussia; Faunal and Spore Dispersals as Compared with Paleomagnetic Data on Paleolatitudes
    Early Palaeozoic palaeobiogeography of northern Gondwana regions
    Faunal specificity, endemism and paleobiogeography: the post-glacial (Hirnantian-early Rhuddanian) graptolite fauna of the North-African border of Gondwana: a case study
    Geographic and temporal patterns in the late Neogene (12-3 Ma) aridification of Europe : the use of small mammals as paleoprecipitation proxies
    A global Chitinozoa biozonation for the Silurian
    Global patterns of organic-walled phytoplankton biodiversity during the Late Silurian to earliest Devonian
    A late Cretaceous contamination episode of the European-Mediterranean mantle
    The Late Paleozoic relations between Gondwana and Laurusia
    Late variscan tectonomagmatic activity in Western Europe and surrounding areas: the Mid-Permian Episode
    Lochkovian (Early Devonian) acritarchs and prasinophytes from the Solimoes Basin, northwestern Brazil
    Megareefs in Middle Devonian supergreenhouse climates
    Nové poznatky z oboru meteoritiky
    On Origin of Mountain Arcs in Northern Alpine System of Europe
    Palynological zonation of Mid-Palaeozoic sequences from the Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain: implications for inter-regional and interfacies correlation of the Ludford/Přídolí and Silurian/Devonian boundaries, and plant dispersal patterns
    Po stopách saharského amazonitu
    Report on the 3rd international Workshop on the standard Lower Cretaceous ammonite zonation of the Mediterranean region
    Spine asymmetry in chonetoidean brachiopods: an example of reiterated heterochronies linked to intra-Devonian events
    Stratigraphic correlations between the continental and marine Tethyan and Peri-Tethyan basins during the Late Carboniferous and the Early Permian
    Tabulate corals of Ibarmaghian affinities in the Upper Emsian of Bohemia
    Terrane transfer between eastern Laurentia and northwestern Gondwana: the place of the Teplá-Barrandian, Bohemian Massif
    Die Trilobitenfauna im Nebengestein des meta-alkalibasaltischen Lagerganges vom Wasenbachtal - Abbild unteschiedlicher mariner Lebensräume an der Wende Unter-/Mitteldevon in der südwestlichen Lahnmulde (Rheinisches Schiefergebirge)
    Variability of the Senonian species Oscillopha dichotoma (Bayle, 1849)
    Vodu nezastavíš : přívalové deště v české a moravské krajině
    Zelená a hnědá Sahara : klima, mýtus svobody a islamizace Evropy