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    Bavorsko (Německo)
    Age and emplacement of late-Variscan granites of the western Bohemian Massif with main focus on the Hauzenberg granitoids (European Variscides, Germany)
    Age constraints on faulting and fault reactivation: a multi-chronological approach
    Bottom to top lithosphere structure and evolution of western Eger Rift (Central Europe)
    Chemical composition of radioactive accessory minerals: implications for the evolution, alteration, age, and uranium fertility of the Fichtelgebirge granites (NE Bavaria, Germany)
    A comment on 'Two distinctive granite suites in the SW Bohemian Massif and their record of emplacement: constraints from geochemistry and zircon 207Pb/206Pb chronology' by Siebel et al. Journal of Petrology 49, 1853-1872
    Comparison of morphometric characteristics of cirques in the Bohemian Forest
    Convergence of cultural landscape on the Czech-Bavarian border in Šumava Mts.
    The crust-mantle transition zone (Moho) beneath the swarm-earthquake area Vogtland/NW-Bohemia in the light of diffrent seismic methods
    Deformation phases in the southern Bavarian Forest: constraints from sheared granitoids
    Development projects for the Karlovy Vary District part of the cross-border Czech-Bavarian Geopark
    Do Bavorska za revitalizacemi
    Ectothermic vertebrates (Actinopterygii, Allocaudata, Urodela, Anura, Crocodylia, Squamata) from the Miocene of Sandelzhausen (Germany, Bavaria) and their implications for environment reconstruction and palaeoclimate
    Efekt revitalizačních úprav potočních koryt
    Fluidtransport im tiefen Kristallin zwischen Fränkischer Linie und dem Eger-Graben? Eine Diskussion möglicher Antriebsmechanismen
    Foliage and seeds of malvalean plants from the Eocene of Europe
    Geology of the south-western Bohemian Massif: Is the Pfahl Fault a terrane boundary?
    Geometry and sequence of thrusting in the Subalpine Molasse of western Austria and Bavaria
    Jak se u nás mají revitalizace?
    Jonassonite, Au(Bi,Pb)5S4, a new mineral species from Nagybörzsöny, Hungary
    Korelácia mikrofloristických asociácií brakickej a sladkovodnej molasy z Bavorska s mikroflórou neogénu centrálnej paratetýdnej oblasti
    The new geological 1:150000-scale map of the Bavarian Forest
    The Nördlinger Ries Astrobleme in the Euro-African Rift System: facts and inferences
    Occurrence and significance of Cenomanian belemnites in the lower Danubian Cretaceous Group (Bavaria, southern Germany)
    The oldest stylophoran echinoderm: a new Ceratocystis from the Middle Cambrian of Germany
    Pre-conference field trip - elevator tectonics and magmatic activity along the Teplá-Barrandian/Moldanubian boundary (Bohemian Massif)
    Přehled minerálů berylia (mimo skupiny berylu) v Českém masivu
    Remnants of Moldanubian HP-HT granulites in the eastern part of the Bavarian Forest (south-western Bohemian Massif)
    Revitalizace Isary v Mnichově
    Short note on a thorium-rich granite in the Three Corner Area (Dreiländereck) of Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany
    Subtypen von Eisgarner Granit im Böhmerwald im Bereich des Dreiländerecks Österreich-Bayern-Tschechien: Auf der Suche nach einer grenzübergreifend konsistenten Gliederung und Namensgebung
    Two distinctive granite suites in the Southwestern Bohemian Massif: replay to F. Finger and M. René
    Two distinctive granite suites in the SW Bohemian Massif and their record of emplacement: constraints from geochemistry and zircon 207Pb/206Pb chronology
    Two-mica granites of the Plechý (Plöckenstein) pluton in the Triple-Point Area (Trojmezí, Dreiländereck) of Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany
    Varieties of Eisgarn granite in the Plöckenstein area (South Bohemian Batholith) and their petrogenesis
    The windthrows in Šumava Mts. caused by Kyrill hurricane and terrain features
    Zircon Hf isotope perspective on the origin of granitic rocks from eastern Bavaria, SW Bohemian Massif