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    The acritarch genus Veryhachium Deunff 1954: taxonomic evaluation and first appearance
    Acritarchs from the Abbaye de Villers and Tribotte formations in their type section of the Thyle valley (Middle Ordovician, Brabant Massif, Belgium) and their stratigraphic implications
    Addendum (1) zu Basse & Weddige (2004): Typen-Katalog der Trilobiten-Sammlung des Naturmuseums und Forschungsinstituts Senckenberg : Typen und Typoide des Senckenberg-Museums, Nr. 87
    Araucarien in der Kreide von Europa
    Balbinipleura, a new slit bearing archaeogastropod (Vetigastropoda) from the Early Devonian of Bohemia and the Early Carboniferous of Belgium
    Biogeographical distribution patterns in MId- and Late Palaeozoic Conocardioida (Mollusca: Rostroconchia)
    Brachiopod Gyrosoria Cooper, 1973 - a comparative palaeoecological, stratigraphical and taxonomical study
    Calibration of Chitinozoa versus graptolite biozonation in the Wenlock of Builth Wells district (Wales, U.K.), compared with other areas in Avalonia and Baltica
    Chitinozoans in the Wenlock-Ludlow boundary beds of the East Baltic
    Les collections du département de géologie et de paléontologie du Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Geneve. 71. La collection générale (Trilobita)
    Cosmopolitan arthropod zooplankton in the Ordovician seas
    Devonian Correlation Table : Supplements 2004
    Differentiation and spread of the Baltic Acritarch Province (Arenig-Llanvirn)
    Dohmiella Lütke 1990 (Trilobita) a valid proetid genus, with two new species from Belgium and Germany
    Early evolution of the genus Eoparastaffella (Foraminifera) in Eurasia: the "interiecta group" and related forms, Late Tournaisian to Early Viséan (Mississippian)
    Evolution of intraspecific morphological variability and its relationship to environment (Caliapora battersbyi, Devonian)
    Formation conditions of Pb-Zn mineralizations in the Bohemia Massif
    The formation of stromatactis-type fenestral structures during the sedimentation of experimental slurries - a possible clue to a 120-year-old puzzle about stromatactis
    The Frasnian-Famennian brachiopod extinction events: A preliminary review
    Geochemical constraints on the origin and migration of palaeofluids at the northern margin of the Variscan foreland, southern Belgium
    The importance of acritarchs in Ordovician biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography in Germany
    Iron-bacterial mediation in Phanerozoic red limestones: State of the art
    Large-scale erosion rates from in situ-produced cosmogenic nuclides in European river sediments
    The macroseismic map of the 1992 Roermond earthquake, the Netherlands
    Možnosti a podmínky pro zřízení zásobníku plynu na uzavřeném Dole Paskov
    Nález koninckitu u Litošic a jeho srovnání se světovými výskyty
    Neue Untersuchungen zu Araucaria Jussieu aus der europäischen Kreide
    A new genus of terebratulid brachiopod from the Siegenian of the Rheinisches Schiefergebirge
    Novelties on Araucaria Juss. (Araucariaceae, Pinopsida) from the European Cretaceous
    The Ordovician acritarch Frankea: some critical remarks
    The Ordovician acritarch genus Coryphidium
    The Ordovician of Central Europe in a new stratigraphical context
    The Ordovician of the Condroz Inlier, Belgium: Trilobites from the southeastern margin of Avalonia
    Palsy a lithalsy, proč ano, proč ne v minulosti v Krkonoších
    Pedosedimentary evolution of the last interglacial and early glacial sequence in the European loess belt from Belgium to central Russia
    Radioaktivní suroviny a jejich použití v hitlerovském Německu
    Recognition and significance of multiple fluid inclusion generations in telogenetic calcites
    A review of the Carboniferous colonisation of non-marine environments by ostracods
    Revision der Familie Hippocardiidae POJETA & RUNNEGAR, 1976 (Mollusca; Rostroconchia)
    Sasakiela, a new Early Carboniferous porcelliid genus (Porcellioidea, Gastropoda) with an unusual shell ontogeny
    Search for clay alternatives to bentonites used as a backfill in radioactive waste repository - mineralogical approach
    Sedimenty rhenohercynika na Moravě a v Ardenách a jejich deformace
    Síra, stopové prvky a chemicko-technologické charakteristiky v databázi evropských a světových černouhelných pánví. 1. část
    Skupina Acritarcha ve spodním ordoviku pražské pánve (12-33 Plzeň)
    Stav prací v těžbě uhelného metanu vrty z povrchu v Evropě
    Strength, timing, setting and cause of mid-Palaeozoic extinctions
    The systematic position of the Euomphalidae (Gastropoda)
    Taxonomie und Systematik der Hippocaridoidea POJETA & RUNNEGAR, 1976 (n. superfam.) (Mollusca; Rostroconchia)
    Tectonic and Plate Tectonic Units at the North Gondwana Margin: Evidence from the Central European Variscides
    Trilobites from the Longlier Formation (Lower Devonian; Neufchâteau Synclinorium, southeast Belgium): first record of Pragian associated "Rhenish" and "Bohemian" assemblages from the Ardennes
    Two new gastropod genera (Porcellioidea, Archaeogastropoda) from the Lower Carboniferous of Belgium
    Variability in the Ordovician acritarch Dicrodiacrodium
    Variscan and Post-Variscan fluid flow in the Rhenohercynicum of the Ardennes (southern Belgium) and in the eastern part of the Bohemian Massif
    Why is 'red marble' red?
    Zpřístupněné jeskyně v Belgii