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Geografické jméno
    Abundances and fractionation trends of Rb and Cs in micas from lepidolite- and elbaite-subtype pegmatites in the Moldanubicum, Czech Republic
    The beryllian cordierite + beryl + spessartine assemblage, and secondary beryl in altered cordierite, Greer Lake granitic pegmatites, southeastern Manitoba
    Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotope records of Devonian brachiopod shell calcite
    Compositional evolution of tourmaline in lepidolite-subtype pegmatites
    Compositional, structural and phase relationships in titanian ixiolite and titanian columbite-tantalite
    New Devonian gastropod genera important for paleogeographic reconstructions
    Rubidium- and cesium-dominant micas in granitic pegmatites
    Spodumen LiAlSi2O6 - jedinečný pyroxen
    Životní jubileum Petra Černého