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Geografické jméno
    Kučlín (Teplice, Bílina)
    Complements to the anatomical knowledge of Cyclurus macrocephalus Reuss (Pisces, Actinopterygii) from the Eocene of Kučlín, Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Foliage and seeds of malvalean plants from the Eocene of Europe
    The fossil history of Sloanea L. (Elaeocarpaceae) in Europe
    Die Innovation von Melbourne: eine fossile Pflanze - ein Name : Die Teildisziplinen der Paläeobotanik forschen gemeinsam am "whole-plant concept" für fossile Landpflanzen
    Kučlín near Bílina
    Micropalaeontological (palynological) records of the Ohře Rift Volcanosedimentary Complexes in Bohemia
    Mid-latitude Palaeogene floras of Eurasia bound to volcanic settings and palaeoclimatic events - experience obtained from the Far East of Russia (Sikhote-Alin´) and Central Europe (Bohemian Massif)
    The Middle Eocene flora of Csordakút (N Hungary)
    Remarks on Coniacian microbiostratigraphy in the Tethyan and Boreal realms
    Sea bass fish Morone sp. (Teleostei) from the north Bohemian Paleogene (Tertiary, Czech Republic)
    Stratigrafie, litologie a tektonika křídových sedimentů na Bílinsku
    Volcanic and riparian settings during the Late Eocene in North Bohemia