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Geografické jméno
    Aluminium in quartz as an indicator of the temperature of formation of agate
    Bibliografie Petra Jakeše
    Defect structure and luminiscence behaviour of agate : Results of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and catodoluminiscence (CL) studies
    Duhamelite discredited
    Fe isotopic variations in iron meteorites and implications for parent-body thermal histories
    Fibrous nanoinclusions in massive rose quartz: The origin of rose coloration
    The formation of stromatactis-type fenestral structures during the sedimentation of experimental slurries - a possible clue to a 120-year-old puzzle about stromatactis
    Geochemistry of agates: a trace element and stable isotope study
    Isokite : new occurrence and new data
    Kristall Galerie, Swakopmund, Namibie - stojí za návštěvu
    Ložisko Tsumeb v Namibii
    Neoproterozoic crustal reworking in two high-grade units of the Pan-African Kaoko belt, NW Namibia
    Neoproterozoic granulite-facies metamorphism and igneous activity in the western part of the Kaoko belt, NW Namibia
    Neoproterozoic High-Grade Transpression in the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia)
    Neoproterozoic igneous complex emplaced along major tectonic boundary in the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia): ion probe and LA-ICP-MS dating of magmatic and metamorphic zircons
    Nerostné suroviny Namibie
    Oblique Collision and the Evolution of Large-Scale Transcurrent Shear Zones in the Neoproterozoic Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia)
    Pan-African modification of the contact between middle and upper crust in the western zone of the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia)
    The Role of Zinc in Stabilization of Spinel-Bearing Mineral Assemblages - Examples from the Bohemian Massif and NW Namibia
    U-Pb and Pb-Pb zircon ages for metamorphic rocks in the Kaoko Belt of Northwestern Namibia: A Palaeo- to Mesoproterozoic basement reworked during the Pan-African orogeny
    The use of mantle normalization and metal ratios in the identification of the sources of platinum-group elements in various metal-rich black shales
    Zhodnocení ložisek sklářských surovin v Namibii
    Zhodnocení vlivu těžby a úpravy rud na životní prostředí v hornických oblastech Namibie: výsledky projektu rozvojové spolupráce České republiky v roce 2006
    Znovuotevření dolu Tsumeb v Namibii