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Geografické jméno
    Polsko - jihozápad
    2. česko-polská konference o sedimentologii karbonu hornoslezské pánve
    3. Konferencja Geoekologiczne problemy Karkonoszy : Przesieka, 15-18 X 1997 r
    3. polsko-czeskie geologiczne seminarium robocze Jesenik, Czechy, 28-30.04.1997
    3D monitoring of the selected active tectonic structures in Poland, Italy and Greece
    4. česko-polská konference o sedimentologii karbonu hornoslezské pánve a 2. česko-polské geomechanické sympozium
    4. česko-polská konference o sedimentologii karbonu hornoslezské pánve
    20 lat tektoniki plyt w Sudetach
    40Ar-39Ar ages of selected rocks and minerals from the Kraków-Lubliniec Fault Zone, and their relation to the Paleozoic structural evolution of the Małopolska and Brunovistulian terranes (S Poland)
    The 40Ar/39Ar ages from the West Sudetes (NE Bohemian Massif): constraints on the Variscan polyphase tectonothermal development
    Ablagerung atmosphärisch deponierter Schwermetalle im Sediment von Oberflächengewässern mit versauertem Einzugsgebiet
    Acid Meta-Volcanic Rocks from Konradów Area (Stronie Series, Orlica - Śnieznik Dome): Petro-Structural and Geochemical Characteristic
    The acid metavolcanic rocks of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome (Sudetes): their origin and tectono-metamorphic evolution
    Acid pollutants in air and precipitation/deposition at the Sudeten Mountains, Poland
    Acidification and its Recovery in the Black Triangle Region
    Acidification of lakes in Czechoslovakia
    Additional data and remarks to HANS CLOOS's work in the Karkonosze Mts. (Riesengebirge)
    Agglutinated foraminiferal assemblage from bentonite layers of the Subsilesian Unit (Polish Flysch Carpathians)
    Agglutinated foraminifers from the uppermost Jurassic-Neocomian Silesian Basin of the Polish Outer Carpathians
    Alkali feldspar megacryst growth: Geochemical modelling
    Alkaline Volcanism in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic history of the Western Carpathians Mts.
    Alpine Tectonic Inversion - Principal Mechanism of the Variscan Basement Uplift and Exhumation in the Sudety Mts.
    AMS and Deformation Patterns in The Jawornickie Granitoids, Rychlebske Hory - Preliminary Data
    Analiza zintegrowanych danych teledetekcyjnych i tektonicznych Obniženia Zytawsko-Zgorzeleckiego
    Application of chlorite compositional geothermometres to hydrothermal veins in the Variscan flysch sequences of the Nízký Jeseník with "strigovite" from Žulová massif and Strzegom-Sobótka massif
    The aquatic plants Salvinia (Salviniales) and Limnobiophyllum (Arales) from the Late Miocene flora of Sosnica (Poland)
    Arctic-alpine tundra in the Krkonoše, The Sudetes
    Are granitic pegmatites a toy for descreptive mineralogists or a useful tool for geologist?
    Badania geologiczne obszarów prawnie chronionych na pograniczu polsko-czeskim
    Baseny old redu Polski i obszarów przyległych - założenia do analizy pochodzenia
    Basites in northern part of the Izera-Karkonosze block: A magmatic record of early Devonian rifting of the Saxo-Thuringian passive margin and its subsequent subduction
    Le batholithe de Karkonosze (Sudetes, Pologna): Emplacement en domaine extensif tardi hercynien
    Biostratigraphy and paleoenvironmental analysis of benthic Foraminifera and radiolarians in Paleogene variegated shales of the Subsilesian unit Polish Flysch Carpathians
    The Bohemian Massif and the NW Himalaya
    The boundary zone of the East and West Sudetes on the 1:50 000 scale geological map of the Velké Vrbno, Staré Město and Śnieżnik Metamorphic Units
    Brunovistulian Terrane - Synthesis of Morphostructural Analysis and Geophysical Data (Moravo-Silesian Area, Czech Republic)
    Cadomian versus Variscan fabrics in the Desná dome basement rocks, East Sudetes
    Cadomian versus younger deformations in the basement of the Moravo-Silesian Variscides, East Sudetes, SW Poland: U-Pb SHRIMP and Rb-Sr age data
    A Carboniferous Time Scale 2000: Discussion and Use of Geological Parameters as Time Indicators from Central and Western Europe
    Chamosit ('strigovit') z žulovského masívu a jeho srovnání s chlority masívu Strzegom-Sobótka (Polsko)
    Changes of ash and sulphur content in coal mine production cycle
    Charakterystyka chemizmu wód podziemnych Gór Kruczych (Sudety Środkowe) na podstawie badań źródeł
    Clay minerals of some soils developed from magmatic and metamorphic rocks
    CO2 fluid inclusions in mantle xenoliths from Lower Silesia (SW Poland): formation conditions and decompression history
    Cohesive debrites in the Istebna beds (Upper Senonian-Paleocene) of the Silesian series, Outer Flysch Carpathians
    Cold-climate landform patterns in the Sudetes : effects of lithology, relief and glacial history
    Collage tectonics in the northeasternmost part of the Variscan Belt: the Sudetes, Bohemian Massif
    Compaction of Miocene molasses and neotectonic mobility of the Polish Carpathian Foothils
    Comparison of Cenomanian Floras from Western Interior North America and Central Europe
    Complementary data on the palynostratigraphy of the Carboniferous succession of SW Poland
    Composition and origin of coalbed gases in the Upper Silesian and Lublin basins, Poland
    Composition of tourmalines from tin-tungsten-bearing country rock of the Variscan Karkonosze granitoid - a record of the wall rock and hydrothermal fluid interaction
    Conditions of contact metamorphism in the Eastern envelope of the Giant Mts. (Karkonosze) granite: Preliminary report
    Contrasting metamorphic paths in the SE part of the Karkonosze-Izera block (Western Sudetes)
    Crustal-scale thickening and extension: an example from the most northeastern part of the Moldanubian terrane, Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Cyrkon jako wskaznik genezy lupków z Czarnowa we wschodniej okrywie granitu Karkonoszy
    Czwartorzędowe doliny kopalne w Sudetach Zachodnich i stan ich rozpoznania hydrogeologicznego
    Czy struktury koliste w Sudetach mogą mieć genezę uderzeniową?
    Czy terran bruno-vistulicum (Europa Środkowa) oraz strefa tektoniczna Istambułu (NW Turcja) to pozostałości tego samego późnoproterozoiczno-paleozoicznego bloku skorupowego?
    Česko-polská konference o sedimentologii karbonu hornoslezské pánve
    Dajki klastyczne i brekcje sejsmotektoniczne w utworach permu basenu Nachodu (Sudety Środkowe)
    Decline of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and environmental sensitivity to acidic deposition in the Czech Republic
    Deep crustal structure of southwestern Poland and a proposal of two reflection seismic profiles
    Deposits of high-density turbidity currents on fan-delta slopes: an example from the upper Visean Szczawno Formation, Intrasudetic Basin, Poland
    The Determination of the PT Conditions during Transition from Steep Syn-Extrusional Fabrics to Horizontal: NE Snieznik Domain
    Development of the Carpathian Foredeep in Poland
    The Devonian-Permian APWP for the West Sudetes, Poland
    Dextral Shear Zone between Nové Město Unit and the Core of Orlica-Snieznik Massif (the Sudetes) - a Variscan Terrane Boundary?
    The discovery of new sulphur deposits between the Vistula and San rivers (the Carpathian Foredeep, southern Poland) - a historical review
    The distribution of agglutinated foraminifera in the Cieszyn Basin, Polish Outer Carpathians
    The diversity and geodynamic significance of Late Cambrian (ca. 500 Ma) felsic anorogenic magmatism in the northern part of the Bohemian Massif: A review based on Sm-Nd isotope and geochemical data
    Dystribucja pylu na obszarze Zaglebia Górnoluzyckiego po 1958 r.
    Early metamorphic evolution and exhumation of felsic high-pressure granulites from the north-western Bohemian Massif
    Early Palaeozoic crustal melting in an extensional setting: petrological and Sm-Nd evidence from the Izera granite-gneisses, Polish Sudetes
    Early Palaeozoic Intracontinental Rifting and Early Sea-Floor Spreading in the Central West Sudetes (Bohemian Massif): Geochemical and Nd-Sr Isotopic Study on Metavolcanic Rocks of the East Krkonoše Complex
    Early Palaeozoic intracontinental rifting and incipient ocean spreading in the Czech/Polish East Krkonoše/Karkonosze Complex, West Sudetes (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Early Palaeozoic Izera (Rumburk) granites from West Sudetes, Poland
    Early Palaeozoic rift-related magmatism in Variscan Europe: fragmentation of the Armorican Terrane Assemblage
    Early Palaeozoic syntectonic migmatization preceded Variscan metamorphism in the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, Sudetes: U-Pb SHRIMP evidence
    Early stages of the Polish Carpathian Foredeep development
    The eastern continuation of the Cadomian orogen: U-Pb zircon evidence from Saxo-Thuringian granitoids in south-western Poland and the northern Czech Republic
    The eastern termination of the Variscides: terrane correlation and kinematic evolution
    Effects of air pollution on biogeochemical cycling of elements in forest ecosystems in a gradient study from Czech Republic and Poland to Denmark - the APOS-Project
    Ehrung für internationales Gemeinschaftswerk
    Eine küstennahe, sandige Zechstein-Sabkha in NE-Böhmen mit dolomitisierten Calcretes, Speläolithen und Grainstones
    Emission Abatement Strategies and the Environment (EASE) for the Black Triangle
    Environmental impact of mining activity in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland)
    Die erste internationale Bodenkarte im Massstab 1:50 000 zwischen den Ländern Deutschland, Polen und Tschechien, BK50 Blatt Zittau
    Etchplain, rock pediments, glacises and morphostructural analysis of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)
    Die Europäische Kristallinzone (EKZ) - eine Übersicht
    Evidence of glaucophane schist facies metamorphism in the East Karkonosze, West Sudetes, Poland
    Evolution of granite landscapes in the Sudetes (Central Europe): some problems of interpretation
    Evolution of the Intra-Sudetic basin in the Late Silesian
    Evolution of the Late Neogene and Eopleistocene fluvial system in the foreland of the Sudetes Mountains, SW Poland
    Evolution of the Outer Carpathian Accretionary Wedge
    Ewolucja małych dolin lessowych na Płaskowyżu Głubczyckim w czasie ostatnich 7000 lat
    Exhumation and metamorphism of an ultrahigh-grade terrane: geochronometric investigations of the Sudete Mountains (Bohemia), Poland and Czech Republic
    Extreme events in the Sudetes Mountains. Their long-term geomorphic impact and possible controlling factors
    Facies and biogeographic relationships in Devonian of the Bohemian Massif
    Facies and biogeographic relationships in Devonian of the Bohemian Massif
    Fan-Like Structure in Central Part of the Śnieznik Dome - A Result of Episodic Exhumation
    Fault-scarp induced shelf sand bodies: Turonian of the Intrasudetic basin
    Feldspar crystallization under magma-mixing conditions shown by cathodoluminescence and geochemical modelling - a case study from the Karkonosze pluton (SW Poland)
    Ferrimagnetic minerals of anthropogenic origin in highland peats in south-western Poland and northern Bohemia
    Final'nyj vulkanizm Jevropy i jego geodinamičeskaja priroda
    First paleomagnetic results from the Oligocene sediments of the Silesian Nappe, Western Outer Carpathians
    First Paleozoic Zoophycos trace fossils from the Sudetes (the Bardo Unit)
    Fluid influence on mineral reactions in ultrahigh-pressure granulites: a case study in the Snieznik Mts. (West Sudetes, Poland)
    Fluvial sedimentation of sandy deposits of the Słupiec Formation (Middle Rotliegendes) near Nowa Ruda (Intra-Sudetic Basin, SW Poland)
    Focal mechanism and source parameters of the rockbursts in Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Fold-and-thrust shortening in the western part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Frontally and surficially fluidized slump to debris flow sheets in an alluvial sequence, Lower permian, Intrasudetic Basin.
    Generacje mikrostruktur w łupkach ilasto-piaszczystych formacji andelskohorskiej (Sudety Wschodnie, Polska)
    General Remarks on Variscan Tectonics in the Sudetes Mts. and their Foreland
    A general view on the Karkonosze granite
    Die genetische und geotektonische Klassifikation der Goldvererzungen in der Böhmischen Masse
    Geochemical characteristics of metabasites from the southern part of the Bystrzyckie Mts. (Orlica-Śnieżnik Massif, Sudetes) - preliminary report
    The geochemical correlation of the East Krkonoše Complex metabasites (West Sudetes, Czech Republic and Poland) - relation to the Cambrian-Ordovician northern Gondwana breakup: A review
    Geochemical petrogenetic evidences of Lower and Upper Paleozoic rifting in the Polish Sudetes
    Geochemical Variability of the Kłodzko-Złoty Stok Massif: Possible Role of Multiple Mafic End-Members of Hybrid Granitoids
    Geochemie řečištních sedimentů v sev. části Rychlebských hor a okolí Zlotého Stoku (Polsko)
    Geochemistry and 40 Ar-39 Ar geochronology of the mafic metavolcanics rocks from the Rýchory Mountains complex (west Sudetes, Bohemian Massif): palaeotectonic significance
    Geochemistry and age of groundwater in a hydrochemically diversified aquifer (Permo-Carboniferous, the Intra-Sudetic Synclinorium, SW Poland) derived from geochemical modelling and isotopic studies
    Geochemistry and Rb-Sr geochronology of a ductile shear zone in the Orlica-Śnieznik dome (West Sudetes, Poland)
    Geochemistry and Sr-Nd-characteristics of the orthogneisses from the Orlica-Snieznik dome (West Sudetes, Poland)
    Geochemistry of early Palaeozoic amphibolites from the Orlica-Snieznik dome, Bohemian massif: petrogenesis and palaeotectonic aspects
    Geochemistry of metabasites in the Stronie Group and Nové Město Group, the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, West Sudetes
    Geochemistry of metasedimentary sequences in the Krkonoše-Jizera Terrane, West Sudetes, Bohemian Massif: Palaeotectonic and stratigraphic implications
    Geochemistry of the Doboszowice Orthogneiss and its Correlation withRocks of the Silesicum and Moravicum
    Geochronology of eclogites from Orlica-Snieznik complex, Bohemian Massif, Poland
    Geodynamic evolution of the Subsilesian realm
    Geodynamic GPS network "Karkonosze" - preliminary results of the Campaign 2001
    Geodynamic network Karkonosze results of the 2001 and 2002 Campaigns
    Geodynamic regime of the Sudetes as interpreted from contrasting palaeoenvironmental indicators, Lower Permian and Upper Cretaceous
    Geodynamic research concerning recent movements in the Karkonosze Mts. and Karkonosze foreland
    Geodynamic studies in the Góry Stołowe National Park area
    Geodynamics of ridges and development of carbonate platforms within the Outer Carpathian realm im Poland
    Geological map Lausitz-Jizera-Karkonosze and Muskau Arch Geopark as examples of cross-border cooperation of the national geological surveys of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany
    The geological map Lausitz-Jizera-Karkonosze (without cenozoic sediments), 1:100 000 - an example of German-Czech-Polish cooperation
    Geologická mapa 1:100 000 Lausitz-Jizera-Karkonosze s vysvětlivkami vyšla
    Die Geologische Übersichtskarte Lausitz-Jizera-Karkonosze 1:100 000
    Die Geologische Übersichtskarte Lausitz-Jizera-Karkonosze 1:100 000
    Geology, tectonic evolution and Late Palaeozoic magmatism of Sudetes - an overview
    Geomorfologický vývoj polské části Sudet: přehled současných výzkumných poznatků
    Geomorfologiczne kryteria identyfikacji zdegradowanych krawedzi tektonicznych w Sudetach
    Geomorphic evolution of mid-mountain drainage basins under changing human impacts, East Sudetes, SW Poland
    The geomorphological effects of heavy rainfalls and flooding in the Polish Sudetes in Juli 1997
    Geotermální pole v západní části krkonošsko-jizerského masivu - fikce nebo realita? : 03-14 Liberec
    "Gilbert Type Delta" versus "Accumulation Terraces" Models and Their Application to Middle Turonian-Early Coniacian Sedimentary Setting in the Intrasudetic Basin: a Discussion
    Gneiss protolith ages and tectonic boundaries in the NE part of the Bohemian Massif (Fore-Sudetic Block, SW Poland)
    Gneisses of Polish Part of the Červenohorské sedlo Belt
    The GPS geodynamic network East Sudeten. Five Annual Campaigns (1997 - 2001), Data Processing and Results
    GPS Network SUDETEN and Preliminary Results of Two Campaigns 1997 and 1998
    The granitoid Variscan Strzegom-Sobótka massif
    Granity izerskie: próba odtworzenia przeddeformacyjnej historii
    Gravity modelling of the Krkonoše-Jizera Pluton
    Gypsum-ghost limestones facies of the Polish sulphur deposits:an analog of selenitic gypsum facies?
    H2O-CO2-NaCl-CH4 fluid inclusions in beryls from pegmatites of the Sudety Mts
    Hanns Bruno Geinitz und seine Bedeutung für heutige Oberkreide-Forschung
    Heterolityczne osady plywowe w serii paralicznej Górnoslaskiego Zaglebia Weglowego
    High pressure and low temperature metamorphism along the north-eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif
    High-pressure granulites: formation, recovery of peak conditions and implications for tectonics
    High-pressure granulites of the Bohemian Massif: recent advances and open questions
    The high-pressure granulites of the Zlote unit: Sm-Nd and single grain U-Pb zircon ages from the Rychleby Mts.
    Hnědouhelné doly na Liberecku v 19.století
    Hydrothermal activity in the Karkonosze, Strzegom and Strzelin massifs - a fluid inclusion study
    Ichnofabrics of the Upper Cretaceous fine-grained rocks from the Stołowe Mountains (Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Ichnological record of paleoenvironmental changes in the Lower Cretaceous of the Silesian Unit, Polish Flysch Carpathians
    Igneous Activity. Western Sudetes (Lugicum)
    Illite/smectite diagenesis in the autochthonous Miocene claystones of the Carpathian Foredeep
    The importance of pre-350 Ma ages in eclogites from the Orlica-Śnieżnik complex, Bohemian Massif, Poland
    Important geosites of the Polish Sudetes
    Informační a poradenské středisko Báňské měřické základny VŠB o vlivech hornické činnosti na životní prostředí
    Inherited landscapes of the Sudetic Foreland (SW Poland) and implications for reconstruction uplift and erosional histories of upland terrains in Central Europe
    Internal structure of the granite and tonalite intrusions in the Strzelin massif, Fore-Sudetic block, SW Poland
    The Intra-Sudetic Basin - a Record of Sedimentary and Volcanic Processes in Late - to Post-Orogenic Tectonic Setting
    Intragranitic pegmatites of the Strzegom-Sobótka massif - an overview
    Introduction. Western Sudetes (Lugicum)
    Isotopic ages obtained from Precambrian complexes in the Bohemian Massif
    The Izera-Karkonosze Block and its tectonic development (Sudetes, Poland)
    Johann Jokély - průkopník geologie Krkonoš
    Joints in granite plutons as indicator of crustal conditions
    Kadomskie podloże Luzyc
    Kamenné hříčky na "žulové osmě"
    Karkonosze intragranitic pegmatites and their minerals
    Kenozoiczne zapadliska przedgórza Sudetów Pólnocno-Zachodnich
    Klodzko-Zloty Stok and Niemcza Zone granitoids - a shallow level intrusion of durbachites on the Rhenohercynian Zone
    Kłodzko-Złoty Stok granitoid massif
    Koncentracija rteci w osadech aluwialnych na obszarach zurbanizowanych Ziemi Klodzkiej
    Krasová hydrogeologická struktura masivu Králického Sněžníku (14-23 Králíky)
    Křišťál, citrín a záhněda v dávné minulosti střední Evropy
    Křišťály z Jeglowej u Strzelina, Polsko
    Kudowa-Olešnice granitoid massif
    The Lądek-Śnieżnik Metamorphic Unit - Recent State of Knowledge
    The lakes in the Czech Republic - palynological and palaeoalgological study
    Lamprofyry Orlica-Śnieżnik Dómu a Kłodzko-Złoty Stok Masivu - nová petrologická, geochemická a petrogenetická data
    Lamprophyres of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome and the Kłodzko-Złoty Stok Massif - new data on petrology, geochemistry and petrogenesis
    Large-scale fold architecture of the Stronie formation, the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, West Sudetes
    The late Asbian transgression in the central European Culm basins (Late Viseán, cd III alfa) : festschrift Volker Jakobshagen
    Late Carboniferous weathering and regolith at the Kudowa Trough, West Sudetes : palaeogeographic, palaeoclimatic and structural implications
    The Late Cretaceous Nysa Graben: implications fro Mesozoic-Cenozoic fault-block tectonics of the Sudetes
    A Late Tournaisian synmetamorphic folding and thrusting event in the eastern Variscan foreland: 40Ar/39Ar evidence from the phyllites of the Wolsztyn-Leszno High, western Poland
    Linograptid "interregnum" and its geochemical signature at the S/D boundary in the Bardo Mts. (Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Lithology and tectonics of the Orlica-Snieznik Dome, Sudetes - Recent State of Knowledge : studies in Geology of the Sudetes
    Lithostratigrafie kulmu v příhraničních oblastech jižního Polska (15-12, Osoblaha; 15-14, Krnov)
    Litologická predispozice, morfologie a rozmístění strukturních půd alpinského bezlesí Vysokých Sudet
    Litostratigrafie severomoravského miocénu a jeho litostratigrafická korelace s přilehlým miocénem v Polsku (karpatská předhlubeň) (15-32 Opava, 15-34 Vítkov, 15-41 Hlučín, 15-42 Bohumín, 15-43 Ostrava, 15-44 Karviná, 24-22 Olomouc, 25-11 Hlubočky, 25-12 Hranice, 25-13 Přerov, 25-21 Nový Jičín, 25-22 Frýdek-Místek)
    Lower Eocene deep-water agglutinated foraminifera from variegated shales of the Dukla Nappe, Polish Flysch Carpathians, Bieszczady Mts
    Ložisko mědi a stříbra Lubin-Sieroszowice (Polsko) - geologie, těžba a ekonomické podmínky
    LREE distribution patterns in zoned alkali feldspar megacrysts from the Karkonosze pluton, Bohemian Massif - implications for parental magma composition
    Lu-Hf geochronology and trace element distribution in garnet: Implications for uplift and exhumation of ultra-high pressure granulites in the Sudetes, SW Poland
    The Lusatian Granodiorite Complex (northern margin of Bohemian Massif) - Cadomian peraluminous plutonism
    Mafic and felsic magma interaction in granites: the Hercynian Karkonosze pluton (Sudetes, Bohemian Massif)
    The mafic blueschists from the Rýchory Mts. crystalline complex (Western Sudetes, Bohemian Massif): metamorphic development and possible protolith composition
    Magmatic structures in the Karkonosze granite and their relation to tectonic structures in the eastern metamorphic cover
    Magnetic anisotropy of clayey and silty members of Tetriary flysch from the Silesian and Skole nappes (Outer Carpathians)
    Magnetic anisotropy of the Silesian nappe (Western Outer Carpathians)
    Magnetic properties of Lower Silesian serpentinites and some serpentinite artefacts from SW Poland and Moravia
    Magnetická susceptibilita rašelin jako indikátor antropogenních imisí v České a Polské části Krkonoš
    Management of the native sulphur deposits in the Carpathian Foredeep during the period 1953-1993
    Mapping base cation deposition in Europe on a 10 x 20 km grid
    Mathematical-statistical study of chemical composition of the teschenite association rocks
    The 7th meeting of the Czech Tectonic Studies Group, Żelazno, Poland, May 9-12, 2002
    Mělké doly ve Zlatých Horách
    Melt inclusions in quartz from the Karkonosze granitoids
    Mesostructural and kinematic characteristics of core gneisses in western part of the Orlica-Snieznik Dome, West Sudetes
    Metabasic rocks of the Rudawy Janowickie and Lasocki Range - their significance in the study of metamorphic evolution of the East Karkonosze Complex (West Sudetes, NE Bohemian Massif)
    Metabasites from the Polish Part of the Andělská Hora Formation (Moravo-Silesian Zone): Geochemistry, Metamorphic History and Geotectonic Meaning
    Metabasites from the Polish part of the Andělská Hora Formation (Moravo-Silesian Zone): Geochemistry, metamorphic history and geotectonic meaning
    Metabasites in the Klodzko metamorphic unit (Sudetes, Poland)
    Metabazyty warstw andelohorskich strefy morawsko-śląskiej w Górach Opawskich: pozycja litotektoniczna, petrografia, przemiany metamorficzne
    Metal ore potential of the parent magma of granite - the Karkonosze massif example
    Metallogenesis. Western Sudetes (Lugicum)
    Metamorphic evolution of the amphibolites from the Polish part of the Staré Město Zone (SW Poland, Sudetes)
    Metamorphic evolution of the East Karkonosze polymetamorphic complex in Lasocki Range, West Sudetes
    Metamorphic Evolution. Western Sudetes (Lugicum)
    Metamorphism of Amphibolites from the Polish Part of the Staré Město Zone
    Metamorphosed carbonates of Krkonoše Mountains and Paleozoic evolution of Sudetic Terranes (NE Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    Metamorphosed within-plate tholeiites from the Strzelin complex, NE part of the Bohemian Massif
    Metasomatism of Badenian sulphates of the Carpathian Foredeep and its palaeogeographic conditions
    Metasomatized zircon in equigranular granite from the Karkonosze Pluton, NE Bohemian Massif
    Microcrack orientation from Czerniawa sevtion (Izera-Karkonosze block, SW Poland) as a paleostress indicator
    Microstructural analyse of orthogneisses from the north-eastern part of the Bystrzyca Mts., West Sudetes
    Migration routes of the Tethyan fauna in the eastern part of the epicontinental Germanic Basin (Poland)
    Mikropaeontologický výzkum nejvýchodnější části oherského riftu, české a polské části žitavské pánve (03-13 Hrádek nad Nisou, 03-11 Bogatynia)
    Mineralogical and physico-chemical properties of soils from the devastated forest area in Izerskie Mountains
    Mineralogical Diversity of Felsic Rocks at Contacts with Eclogites in the Orlica-Śnieznik Dome, West Sudetes
    Mineralogická charakteristika a distribuce ilmenitu a titanitu v žulovském masivu (14-24 Jeseník)
    Mineralogy and petrology of mafic blueschists from the Rýchory Mts. crystalline complex (West Sudetes, Bohemian Massif)
    Minerals of the ammonioalunite-ammoniojarosite series formed on a burning coal dump at Czerwionka, Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland
    Miocene and its basement in sulphur-bearing areas of marginal part of the Carpathian Foredeep - a summary
    Miocene deposits of the Carpathian Foredeep (according to results of oil and gas prospecting)
    Miocene Silicoplacentina (Testacea) from northern part of the Carpathian Foredeep (Poland)
    Die mittlere Zusammensetzung variszischer Molassensandsteine Mitteleuropas
    Mobility of tectonic zones in the northern part of the Moravo-Silesian region and their earthquake activity
    Model vzniku miocenních předhlubní na Ostravsku (15-43 Ostrava, 15-44 Karviná, 25-11 Velký Újezd, 25-12 Hranice, 25-13 Přerov, 25-21 Nový Jičín)
    Mohutná pískovcová symfonie s málo notami : stanoviště a vegetační rysy pískovcového fenoménu v Čechách
    The monitoring of seismic events in the East Sudety Mts. in period 2000-2001
    Morfostrukturní rysy Čantoryjské hornatiny (26-11, 16-33 Jablunkov)
    Morfotektonický výzkum sv. části Rychlebských hor
    Morfotektonika Obnizenia Zytawsko-Zgorzeleckiego
    Morphotectonic research of the NE part of the Rychlebské hory Mts.
    Možnosti využití geotermální energie na území Krkonošského národního parku
    Multi-Stage Variscan Evolution of the Central Sudetes - Structural Evidence from the Klodzko Metamorphic Unit
    Multistratigraphic Investigation on Cenomanian to Coniacian Sequences using a W-E Profile between Münsterland and Saxony : Part Saxony. 2. Cretaceous Sedimentacion - Research Reports
    A N-trending photolineament in the Rudawy Janowickie Mts. (West Sudetes, Poland) and its tectonic significance
    Nabljudenija za tektoničeskimi mikrosmeščenijami v Jevrope v svjazi s zemletrjasenijami v Irane i Turcii v 1997 i 1999 gg.
    Nejvýraznější skalní výchozy triasu v Českém masivu
    Několik poznámek k pylové analýze jezerních sedimentů v Krkonoších (Wielki Staw, Polsko)
    Nekotoryje vysokobarnyje metamorfičeskije kompleksy Zapadnych Sudet, Pol'ša. I., Petrografija i chimija mineralov
    Neoproterozoic granites in the Upper Silesia massif of Bruno-Vistulicum, S Poland: U-Pb SHRIMP evidence
    Neotectonic aspect of the Intrasudetic Shear Zone
    Neotectonics of the Polish Carpathians in the light of geomorphic studies : a state of the art
    Die neue Geologische Karte Lausitz-Jizera-Karkonosze 1:100 000 und das digitale Höhenmodell - Unterstützung bei tektonischen Untersuchungen in der Lausitz
    New 207Pb/206Pb zircon ages from the East Karkonosze Metamorphic Complex, West Sudetes - evidence of the Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician magmatism
    New geothermobarometry data from the Gory Sowie Block and the Orlica-Snieznik Dome, Sudetes
    New U-Pb monazite and zircon data from the Sudetes Mountains in SW Poland: evidence for a single-cycle Variscan orogeny
    Niemcza Zone Granitoids - Durbachites in the Sudetes
    Non-parametric approximation used to analysis of PSInSARtm data of Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland
    The Northern Part of the Izera-Karkonosze Block: Fragment of the Saxo-Thuringian Passive Margin
    Notwendigkeiten und Möglichkeiten der geowissenschaftlichen Zusammenarbeit Sachsen-Tschechien-Polen
    Nouveaux ages hercyniens Ar-Ar dans les Sudetes occidentales (Massif de Boheme)
    Nová data pro stáří bazální sedimentace v nejvýchodnější části oherského riftu z území české a polské části žitavské pánve (03-13 Hrádek nad Nisou, 03-11 Bogatynia)
    Nowe dane o dynamice bloku górnośląskiego i małopolskiego na przełomie prekambru i paleozoiku
    On some controversies about the geology of the West Sudetes
    On the genesis of two meridionally trending lineations in rocks of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome: evidence from marbles of the Stronie formation
    On the Mineralogy and Origin of the Śnieznik versus Gieraltów Gneisses, Miedzygórze Unit, OSD, West Sudetes
    On the significance of Gneissic Enclaves in the 500 Ma Metagranite, the Lądek-Snieźnik Metamorphic Unit, the West Sudetes
    Optical anisotropy of coal from the Ruda syncline area in the upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB) and its relation to tectonic setting
    Ordovician passive continental margin magmatism in the Central-European Variscides: U-Pb zircon data from the SE part of the Karkonosze-Izera Massif, Sudetes, SW Poland
    Origin of ramparts in the Úpská and Harrachova jáma cirques and the Mezikotlí valley, the High Sudetes
    The orthogneisses of the Orlica-Śnieżnik complex (West Sudetes, Poland): geochemical characteristics, the importance of pre-Variscan migmatization and constraints on the cooling history
    The orthogneisses of the Orlica-Śnieznik dome (West Sudetes, Poland): Sr-Nd isotope characteristics and Rb-Sr geochronology
    Osady czwartorzedowe jaskini
    Osoblažský zlom a jeho význam
    P-T-d Evolution of Marbles and Mica Schists in the Krowiarki Range, the Lądek-Snieznik Metamorphic Unit, West Sudetes
    Palaeomagnetic and petromagnetic study of uranium-bearing polymetallic-fluorite mineralization in the Orlík-Kladsko crystalline complex (near Kletno, Lower Silesia, Poland)
    Palaeozoic orogeneses in the Sudetes: a geodynamic model
    Palaeozoic terrane amalgamation in Central Europe: a REE and Sm-Nd isotope study of the pre-Variscan basement, NE Bohemian Massif
    Paläozoische Hochdruck- und Ultrahochdruck-Metamorphite in Mitteleuropa und ihre Beziehungen zur variszischen Orogenese
    Paleogene autochthonous deposits at the basement of the Polish Outer Carpathians and their paleogeographical implications
    Paleogeography and tectonic evolution of the Žernov-Nachod-Kudowa sedimentary area
    Paleozoic orogenesis in the Sudetes (NE part of the Bohemian Massif)
    Palynologický výzkum důležitých kvartérních lokalit v Polsku - mezinárodní a mezioborová spolupráce
    Palynologický výzkum kvartérních lokalit v Dolním Slezsku - mezioborová a mezinárodní spolupráce (Polsko)
    Partial melting origin of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome gneisses, Sudetes, Poland
    Pb-Pb and U-Pb zircon ages for orthogneisses from Eastern Bohemia: further evidence for a major Cambro-Ordovician magmatic event
    The Pb-Zn Deposits Connects with the Rejuvenation of the Staré Město-Kletno-Marcinków Fault Zone
    Pegmatity pod Karkonoszami
    Peridotite xenoliths from Lutynia volcano (SW Poland) - the lithospheric mantle beneath NE part of the Bohemian Massif
    The Permo-Carboniferous metallogenetic evolution in central Europe - an outline
    Perspektiwy wykrycia mineralizacji arsenowo-zlotonósnej zwiazanej z granodiorytowym masywem klodzko-zlotostockim w swietle wyników zdjecia geochemicznego
    Petrogenesis, age and tectono-metamorphic evolution of the acid metavolcanites of the Stronie formation (Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Petrogenesis of continental mafic dykes from the Izera Complex, Karkonosze-Izera Block (West Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Petrogeneza marmurów z poludniowo-wschodniej czesci metamorfiku Snieznika (Sudety)
    Petrographic composition and chemical technological properties of sapropelic coals from the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland)
    Petrologic recognition of coal seams of the Lower Silesian Coal Basin
    Petrological and geophysical evidence of Cenozoic ultramafic intrusive rocks in lithospheric mantle beneath NE Bohemian Massif
    Petrology of amphibolites of the Polish part of the Staré Město Zone
    Pískovcové útvary v Národním parku Gór Stołowych
    Plumbotectonic aspects of polymetallic vein mineralization in Paleozoic sediments and Proterozoic basement of Moravia (Czech Republic)
    POCEEL: "Paleozoic Orogenesis and Crustal Evolution of the European Lithosphere", Prague, Czech Republic, October 1-3, 1998
    Pohyblivost tektonických zón severní části moravsko-slezské oblasti a jejich zemětřesná aktivita
    Pollutant deposition by rain and snow in the Western Sudety mountains
    Połnocna część bloku Karkonoszsko-Izerskiego: historie pasywnej krawędzi terranu Saksoturyngii
    Porovnání řešení některých následků dobývání černého uhlí v polském okrese Wodzislaw Slaski a v české části hornoslezské pánve
    Porównanie wybranych sekvencji osadów jeziornych czerwonego spagowca z basenów sródsudeckiego, pólnocnosudeckiego i boskowickiego
    Post-magmatic fluids in the Karkonosze massif, Poland
    Post-magmatic origin of garnets in aplites from the Kamienna Góra granite (the Žulová granitic pluton, SW Poland)
    Postęp wiedzy o geologii krystaliniku Sudetów w łatach 1990-2003
    Povodeň na řece Odře v červenci 1997
    Późnowaryscyjskie przemagnesowanie węglanów dewońskich w strefie ślasko-morawskiej
    Pozycja skał magmowych z rejonu Miedzianki w porównaniu do plutonu Karkonoszy i intruzji Żeleźniaka
    Pre-Variscan metaigneous rocks of the Kłodzko Metamorphic Complex - a vestige of Cadomian subduction in the Central Sudetes, SW Poland
    Pre-variscan, Variscan and Early Alpine thermo-tectonic history of the north-eastern Bohemian Massif: An 40Ar/39Ar study
    Precambrian basement in the eastern part of the Bohemian Massif and its possible origin and correlation
    The preglacial fluvial deposits in the southern part of the Upper Nysa Depression, central Sudetes Mts, southwestern Poland
    Preglacial to Holocene auriferous sediments from the East Sudetic Foreland: gold grades and exploration
    Preliminary Data on Amphibolites of Northern Part of the Vysoká hole Nappe (E Sudetes)
    Preliminary Data on P-T Conditions of Metamorphism of Metapelites from the Stronie Group (Orlica-Snieznik Dome, Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Preliminary Data on Petrology and Evolution of Northern (Polish) Part of the Žulová Pluton
    Preliminary Data on the AMS Fabric in Crystalline Rocks from the West/East Sudetes Contact Zone in the Fore-Sudetic Block - Structural Implications
    Preliminary interpretation of the heat flow in the Eastern Margin of the Bohemian Massif
    Present-day seismicity of the South-Eastern Elbe Fault System (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Preservation of biomolecules in sub-fossil plants from raised peat bogs - a potential paleoenvironmental proxy. Part II. Biogeochemistry
    The presumed Teplá-Barrandian/Moldanubian terrane boundary in the Orlica Mountains (Sudetes, Bohemian Massif): structural and petrological characteristics
    Primitive gallery forest from the Intrasudetic basins (Duckmantian, Czech Republic)
    The problem of "diastrophic" blocks in the marginal parts of the Late Cretaceous Nysa Kłodzka graben, the Sudetes, SW Poland
    The problem of garnet composition in eclogite-bearing gneisses from the Śnieżnik Metamorphic Complex (Western Sudetes)
    Problem of the Miocene/Pliocene boundary as arising from palynostratigraphic studies from Gojna (Southwestern Poland)
    Program transgranicznych badan surowcowo-sozologicznych na obszarze Górnoluzyckiego Zaglebia Weglowego (Polska-Niemci-Czechy)
    Promieniotwórczość naturalna wybranych skał krystalicznych bloku izerskiego
    Proterozoic and Palaeozoic crustal components across the East/Central Sudetes boundary at the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif: new U/Pb and Pb/Pb single zircon ages from the eastern Fore-Sudetic block (SW Poland)
    Provenance and Diagenesis of the Upper Cretaceous and Palaeocene Sandstones of the Magura Nappe: Constraints from Cathodoluminescence Study
    Przejawy tektoniki nasuwczej w utworach formacji hornobeneszowskiej (Góry Opawskie, Sudety Wschodnie)
    Přehled minerálů berylia (mimo skupiny berylu) v Českém masivu
    Pumpellyite-actinolite facies quartzites from the eastern cover of the Žulová pluton (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Quartzites of Polish Part of the Žulová Pluton Mantle and Vysoká Hole Nappe (Fore-Sudetic Block)
    RADARSAT imaging of the 1997 Czech Republic flood
    Radioaktivní suroviny a jejich použití v hitlerovském Německu
    Radiometric dating of the Tertiary volcanics in Lower Silesia, Poland. II., K-Ar and palaeomagnetic data from Neogene basanites near Ladek Zdrój, Sudetes Mts.
    Radon cartography as tool of research examples from the Sudety Mts. area (SW Poland)
    Rb-Sr mica geochronology of a ductile shear zone in the Orlica-Snieznik dome (West Sudetes, Poland). Referate der Vorträge und Poster, 78. Jahrestagung der deutschen Mineralogischen Gesellschaft vom 24. bis 29. September 2000 in Heidelberg
    Re-Os age for molybdenite from the West Sudetes, SW Poland
    Recent crustal mobility of the Upper Nysa Klodzka Graben, SW Poland
    Recent crustal movements in Late Tertiary tectonic zones of the Sudetes and Northern Sudetic Foreland, SW Poland
    Recent geodynamics of the Sudety Mts. and adjacent areas
    Recent local geodynamics in the central part of the Stołowe Mts.
    Recentní aktivita strukturních půd ve Vysokých Sudetech
    A Record of Oceanic and Continental Stages in Evolution of the Sudetic Ophiolites - New Evidence from Stable Isotope Composition of Silicate Minerals
    Rectoprotomarssonella n. gen., a new agglutinated foraminiferal genus from the Upper Cretaceous of the Carpathian Flysch
    Regionalizacja tektoniczna Polski - Polska południowo-zachodnia
    Reichenstein-Złoty Stok: zajímavá historická lokalita v Rychlebských horách
    The relationship of tilt and twist of fringe cracks in granite plutons
    Relationships between magnetic and structural fabrics revealed by Variscan basement rocks subjected to heterogeneous deformation - a case study from the Kłodzko Metamorphic Complex, Central Sudetes, Poland
    Relict rock glaciers in the Central European Mid-Mountains. State-of-the-art
    Research on the marginal sudetic fault activity with use of GPS and precise leveling techniques
    Results of stress analysis inferred from fault slip data along the Sudetic Marginal Fault (NE part of Bohemian Massif)
    Results of the geodynamic investigations in the Stołowe Mts. research area
    Review of geochemical variation in Lower Palaeozoic metabasites from the NE Bohemia Massif: intracratonic rifting and plumeridge interaction
    Review of Nd isotopic data and xenocrystic and detrital zircon ages from the pre-Variscan basement in the eastern Bohemian Massif: speculations on palinspastic reconstructions
    A review of Rb-Sr isotope patterns in the Carboniferous granitoids of the Sudetes in SW Poland
    A review of recent geochemcal and structural evidence for major Paleozoic rifting and re-assembly within the Bohemian Massif
    Revised age of the Maly Bozków limestone in the Klodzko metamorphic unit (early Givetian, late Middle Devonian) implications for the geology of the Sudetes, SW Poland
    Revision of the Carboniferous genus Rhodeites Němejc from European and American localities
    Role of major ductile faults durng Paleozoic orogeny in the Sudetes
    The Role of Relative Observations in Multisegment Geodynamic Research System in Sudeten
    Rotational ductile deformations in the Snieznik metamorphic complex (Sudetes)
    Rudní indicie a perspektivy styčné oblasti silezika a lugika
    Rudní mineralizace polské části žulovského masívu (85-043 Nysa/Polská republika/, list navazuje na 14-24 Jeseník)
    Rutile-titanite mineralization from Głuchołazy (Eastern Sudetes, Poland)
    Sächsische Geologische Landesaufnahme - Tradition und Zukunft
    The Saxothuringian/Moravosilesian Boundary Duplex Structure in the Fore-Sudetic Block
    Die Schwerekarte (delta gO) der Länder Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt und Thüringen : bemerkungen zur Bearbeitung und Interpretation
    Sedimentation in a reactivated, intracontinental, strike-slip fault zone: the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Central Europe
    Sedimenty ledovcových jezer Šumavy a Krkonoš (pylová analýza) (22-33 Kašperské Hory)
    Seismicity of the East Sudeten as recorded by solitary triggered stations of UGN
    Seizmicita regionu ostravsko-karvinských dolů
    Serpentinite stock south of Niedamirów-Lasocki Range, Sudetes compared with other circum-Karkonosze ultramafic bodies
    The shape preferred orientation of minerals and its relationship to the magnetic fabric in the Karkonosze Mts pluton
    Shear zones and mineralizations in the Sudetes, SW Poland
    Shear Zones in Unconsolidated Deposits as Indicators of Synsedimentary Tectonic Movements
    SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Strzelin gneiss, SW Poland: evidence for a Neoproterozoic thermal event in the Fore-Sudetic Block, Central European Variscides
    SHRIMP zircon ages from gneisses help locate the West-East Sudetes boundary (NE Bohemian Massif, SW Poland)
    SHRIMP Zircon Geochronology of the Neoproterozoic Strzelin Gneiss: Evidence for the Moravo-Silesian zone Affinity of the Strzelin Massif, Fore-Sudetic Block, SW Poland
    Sind keltische Goldwaschplätze durch Ortsnamen heute noch zu lokalisieren?
    Single zircon ages and whole-rock Nd isotopic systematics of early Palaeozoic granitoid gneisses from the Czech and Polish Sudetes (Jizerské hory, Krkonoše and Orlice-Sněžník Complex)
    Skalní výchozy permských ryolitoidů v jihopolských vrchovinách Góry Krucze a Góry Suche
    Skály jako z pohádky
    Śleza Ophiolite: geochemical features and relationship to Lower Palaeozoic rift magmatism in the Bohemian Massif
    Sm-Nd and U-Pb dating of high-pressure granulites from the Złote and Rychleby Mts (Bohemian Massif, Poland and Czech Republic)
    Sn-, Bi- and Ag-minerals from pegmatites, aplites and quartz veins of Žulová granitic massif (Silesicum, Czech Republic)
    SO4'' an indicator of the impact of acid rain in the urban environment
    Some observations of pollutant fluxes over the Sudeten, south-western Poland
    Současné znalosti o pravěké těžbě surovin na území České republiky
    The South and East Karkonosze metamorphic complexes (Western Sudetes): a Variscan suture zone modified by extensional collapse
    Specyfika petrograficzna osadów rzecznych i glacjalnych Przedgôrza Sudeckiego
    Spory o podzial geologiczny Sudetów
    Sr-Nd isotopic study of the Karkonosze granite (Western Sudetes)
    Śródsudecka strefa uskokowa - przyklad przesuwczej granicy terranów
    Stable isotope geochemistry and the genesis of the Polish native sulphur deposits - a review
    Standardizace radiometrické mapy České republiky 1:500 000
    Staré cínové doly u Nového Města pod Smrkem
    Stratigraphic evaluation of some metamorphic units in the N part of the Bohemian Massif
    Stratigraphy. Western Sudetes (Lugicum)
    Strong Seismic Events in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland
    A structural model for the western-central Sudetes: a deformed stack of Variscan thrust sheets
    Structure and evolution of the Bohemian Arc
    Structure. Western Sudetes (Lugicum)
    Structures and metamorphism in metapelites of the Staré Město Belt near Bielice, the Sudetes, SW Poland
    Strukturalna i metamorficzna ewolucja wschodniej okrywy granitu Karkonoszy w poludniowej czesci Rudaw Janowickich i Grzbiecie Lasockim
    Strukturní půdy Vysokých Sudet - morfometrická charakteristika a časové zařazení
    Strukturní půdy Vysokých Sudet - morfometrická charakteristika a časové zařazení
    Struktury fałdowe oraz sekwencja deformacji w utworach formacji andelskohorskiej (Góry Opawskie, Sudety Wschodnie)
    Struktury póznych etapów umiejscowienia magm granitu Karkonoszy
    SUDETES 2003: Grenzüberschreitende seismische Messungen im Böhmischen Massiv
    The Sudetes as a domain of Variscan strike-slip tectonics
    The Sudetes as a Palaeozoic orogen in central Europe
    The Sudetes-boundaries, subdivision and tectonic position : studies in Geology of the Sudetes
    The Sudetic geological mosaic: Insights into the root of the Variscan orogen
    The Sudetic Marginal Fault: a prominent morphotectonic feature of Central Europe
    The Sudetic Marginal Fault: a survey of triangular facets and morphometric parametres
    The Sudetic Marginal Fault: a young morphophotectonic [i.e. morphotectonic] feature at the NE margin of the Bohemian Massif, Central Europe
    The Sudetic marginal fault, SW Poland: a reactivated sinistral-normal fault
    The Sudetic tributaries of Upper Odra transformation during the Holocene period
    Superimposed compressional and extensional tectonics in the Karkonosze-Izera Block, NE Bohemian Massif
    Surowce metaliczne w strukturze bloku Karkonosko-Izerskiego
    Syn-collisional extension in the West/East Sudetes boundary zone (NE Bohemian Massif): structural and metamorphic record in the Jegłowa Beds from the Strzelin Massif (East Fore-Sudetic Block)
    Syntectonic Lower Ordovician migmatite and post-tectonic Upper Viséan syenite in the western limb of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, West Sudetes: U-Pb SHRIMP data from zircons
    Tectonic and Plate Tectonic Units at the North Gondwana Margin: Evidence from the Central European Variscides
    Tectonic evolution of the late Cretaceous Nysa Kłodzka Graben, Sudetes, SW Poland
    Tektonické otřesy z polské části Tater detekované na širokopásmových stanicích provozovaných Ústavem fyziky Země (2004-2005)
    Tektonika ucieczkowa i kliny terranowe Masywu Czeskiego
    Temperature regime of patterned ground in the High Sudetes
    Temperatury przemian kontaktowych w skaĺach osĺony intruzji Kĺodzko-zĺotostockiej w okolicach Želazna
    Temporary array data for studying seismic anisotropy of Variscan massifs - the Armorican Massif, French Massif Central and Bohemian Massif
    The Tepla/Saxothuringian suture in the Karkonosze-Izera massif, western Sudetes, central European Variscides
    The terrane concept in the Sudetes, Bohemian Massif
    Terranes and Terrane Boundaries in the Sudetes
    Terranes and terrane boundaries in the Sudetes, northeast Bohemian Massif
    Terranes in the Sudetes: their division, boundaries and accretion
    Tertiary Avian Localities of Croatia
    Tertiary etchsurfaces in the Sudetes Mountains, SW Poland: a contribution to the pre-Quaternary morphology of Central Europe : palaeosurfaces
    Texture and petrography of glacial deposits in the northern foothill of the Hrubý Jeseník and Rychlebské Mts., Czechia
    Thermochronology of the west Sudetes (Bohemian Massif): Rapid and repeated eduction in the eastern Variscides, Poland and Czech Republic
    To geodynamic interpretations of GPS data monitored on the East Sudeten network
    Tourmalinization in Izera Mts., south-eastern Poland. 3. Österreichisches Fluid Info Treffen, vom 9.11. bis 10.11.1995
    Trace element abundances in rutile and Zr-In-rutile geothermometer applied to the Sudetic eclogites
    Traces of the pre-Variscan tectono-thermal event in rocks of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome
    TRANSCAT system prototype for water management decision support
    Transport pokryw stokowych z NE skłonu Jesioników (Sudety Wschodnie) pod wpływem zdarzeń antropogenicznych i impulsów klimatycznych
    Tvary zvětrávání a odnosu slepenců spodního karbonu v Lubawské bráně
    Two-stage origin of the Hercynian volcanics in the Sudetes, SW Poland
    Two types of "augen gneisses" in the Śnieżnik Metamorphic Unit, West Sudetes, Poland
    U-Pb dating of (meta)granitoids in the NW Sudetes (Poland) and their bearing on tectono-stratigraphic correlation
    U-Pb zircon isotopic evidence for mid-Devonian migmatite formation in the Góry Sowie domain of the Bohemian Massif, Sudeten Mountains, SW Poland
    Über Erscheinungen der Resedimentation im Jungproterozoikum und Paläozoikum der Saxothuringischen Zone
    Układ i struktura średniogórskich koryt w warunkach lokalnej dostawy zwietrzelin (Sudety Wschodnie)
    Understanding the Karkonosze Mts. granite
    Upper Morava and Nysa Pull-apart Grabens: Implication for Neotectonic Dextral Transtension on Sudetic Faults System
    Valouny vulkanitů z kulmských slepenců: pravděpodobná geotektonická pozice a možné zdrojové oblasti vulkanitů
    The Variscan basement of the Polish Sudetes
    Variscan dome structure of the Karkonosze-Izera Block (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Variscan Eclogites and HP Granulites of Northeastern Bohemian Massif (SW Poland)
    Variscan metamorphic core comples from the NE part of the Bohemian Massif (Strzelin crystalline massif, Fore Sudetic Block)
    Variscan metamorphism of the Sudetes and the Foresudetic block
    Variscan multistage granitoid magmatism in Brunovistulicum: petrological and SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronological evidence from the southern part of the Strzelin Massif, SW Poland
    The Variscan Orogen in Poland
    The Variscan overthrust of the Lower Palaezoic gneiss unit on the Cadomian basement in the Strzelin and Lipowe Hills massifs, Fore-Sudetic Block, SW Poland; is this part of the East-West Sudetes boundary?
    Variscan Tectonic Evolution of the Sudetes
    Vodohospodářské zhodnocení povodňové události roku 1997 a závěry vyplývající pro povodí Odry
    Volcanic and post-volcanic hydrothermal activity in the Intrasudetic Basin, SW Poland; Implications for mineralization
    Výchozy metamorfitů orlicko-sněžnického krystalinika na Králickém Sněžníku a Śnieżniku
    Výskyty berylu v Sudetách. 1. část
    Výskyty berylu v Sudetách. 2. část
    Výskyty korundu v polských a českých Sudetech
    Výzkum a ochrana pseudokrasu Polické vrchoviny - české části "hejšovinské facie"
    Warstwy z Jeglowej - zapis wielofazowej deformacji w strefie kontaktu Sudetów wschodnich i zachodnich (krystalinik Wzgórz Strelinskich, blok przedsudecki)
    Warunki sedymentacji formacji z Glinika (basen śródsudecki)
    What Happened to Quartz from the Izera Gneisses? A Possible Scenario
    Wpływ intruzji Karkonoszy na skały osłony - minerały pegmatoidów strefy Garbów Izerskich (Sudety)
    Wschodnia okrywa granitu Karkonoszy przekrój przez waryscyjską strefę szwu
    Wspólczesna denudacja w górskich zlewniach Karkonoszy : System denudacyjny Polski
    Wstepne wyniki badan oncentracji radu i radonu w wodach podziemnych i powierzchniowych górnej czesci zlewni Kamienicy (Masyw Snieznika, Sudety).
    Young Quaternary and recent crustal movements in Lower Silesia, SW Poland : neotectonic of Poland: Some new achievements
    Zajímavé poznatky z cesty do Polska
    Zasiegi ladolodów plejstocenskich i deglacjacja obszaru miedzi Sudetami i Walem Slaskim
    Zastosowanie analizy czynnikowej w badaniach hydrochemicznych wybranych zlewni sudeckich
    Zawidów granodiorite from the Lusatian massif in SW Poland
    Zloto i metale towarzyszace w osadach z pogranicza czerwonego spagowca i cechsztynu niecki sródsudeckiej
    Złoto okruchowe i inne minerały ciężkie w osadach potoku Maruszka k. Burgrabic (Sudety Wschodnie)
    Zlotonosnosc trzeciorzedowych i czwartorzedowych osadów rzecznych na przedpolu Sudetów Wschodnich
    Znaczenie glebokiego wietrzenia w morfogenezie Sudetów
    Znaczenie rzezby inicjalnej w rekonstrukcjach neotektonicznych na wybranych przykladach z Sudetów
    Zróżnicowanie pokryw deluwialnych i aluwialnych w Sudetach Wschodnich w świetle analiz sedymentologicznych i datowań radiowęglowych
    Žďárky-Pstrążna Dome: a strike-slip fault-related structure at the eastern termination of the Pořiči-Hronov Fault Zone (Sudetes)
    Žďárky-Pstrążna Dome: dextral strike-slip fault-related structure at the eastern termination of the Pořiči-Hronov Fault Zone (Sudetes, Góry Stołowe Mts.)