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    Rozvadov (Tachov)
    Granitoid magmatism of the NW Bohemian massif revealed : Gravity data, composition, age relations and phase concept
    Morphogenesis and tectonic position of Variscan granitoids in the eastern Oberpfalz and Bohemian Forest: Results of the gravity survey
    Morphogenesis, tectonic setting and intrusion dynamics of the late-Variscan granites at the northwest-margin of the Bohemian Massif
    New Data on the osteology of actinopterygian fish Sphaerolepis kounoviensis
    Petrogenesis of contrasting granitoid plutons in western Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Phosphorus-rich granites: a specific feature of European Variscan belt
    Phosphorus-rich granites and pegmatites of Northern Oberpfalz and Western Bohemia
    Subsurface distribution and tectonic setting of the late-Variscan granites in the northwestern Bohemian Massif
    Těžba živců a krajina v Českém lese