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    Sasko (Německo)
    Albin Benedikt Castelli - geniální horník Českého středohoří
    Apatitspaltspurdaten zur postvariszischen thermotektonischen Entwicklung des sächsischen Grundgebirges - erste Ergebnisse
    Application and evaluation of the new Zr-in-rutile thermometer : an example from the Erzgebirge, Germany
    Badatelské středisko Georgia Agricoly v Saské Kamenici
    The Be-Ta-rich granite of Seiffen (eastern Erzgebirge, Germany) : accessory-mineral chemistry, composition, and age of a late-Variscan Li-F granite of A-type affinity
    The calcareous nannofossil record across the Late Cretaceous Turonian/Coniacian boundary, including new data from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and England
    Clinopyroxene from an alkali pyroxenite xenolith, Loučná-Oberwiesenthal Volcanic Centre, Bohemian Massif: crystal chemistry and structure
    Clinopyroxene from basaltic rocks of the Erzgebirge-Krušné hory Mts. - implications for modelling of the magnetic plumbing system
    Composition and origin of intermediate solid solutions in the system thorite-xenotime-zircon-coffinite
    Cross-section Lausitz Block-Elbe Zone (Saxo-Thuringian Zone, Bohemian Massif, IGCP 497)
    The crust-mantle transition zone (Moho) beneath the swarm-earthquake area Vogtland/NW-Bohemia in the light of diffrent seismic methods
    Crystal structure of argentopyrite, AgFe2S3, and its relationship with cubanite
    Deckentektonik im Erzgebirge - von der Idee zur Umsetzung in die geologische Karte
    Die digitale Geologische Karten GK 50 dig ung ihre Nutzung bei der Geologischen Landesaufnahme in Sachsen
    Early Oligocene flora of Seifhennersdorf (Saxony)
    Early Oligocene insect fauna from Seifhennersdorf (Saxony, Germany)
    Earthquake swarm - mantle fluid interaction in the western Eger (Ohře) rift area : Czech and German research activities of the last decade
    Earthquake swarms in continental rift zones - a comparison of selected cases in Americka, Africa and Europe
    Ecological survey of river habitat diversity: trans-boundary cooperation in the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory, Erzgebirge)
    Elbezone und Osterzgebirge
    FOZO magmas in Lusatia and Lower Silesia : lower mantle signature in geochemistry of Central European asthenosphere
    The frog from Seifhennersdorf
    Garnet-kyanite granulites: metamorphic or igneous rocks?
    Gas monitoring in the swarm quake area of West Bohemia (Czech Republic) and the Vogtland (Germany)
    Geochemical and mineralogical constraints of the Saxothuringian topaz granites origin
    Geochemical characteristics of the high- and low-Ti basaltic rock association in the uplifted shoulder of the Ohře (Eger) Rift, Western Bohemia/Saxony
    Geochemische und geoelektrische Untersuchungen im Nationalpark Sooser Moor (Schwarmbebengebiet Vogtlandt-NW Böhmen) als Beitrag zur Charakterisierung der Aktivität von magmatischen Fluiden
    Die geologisch-tektonische Situation zwischen Zwickau-Oelsnitzer Steinkohlenrevier unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Tiefbohrung Oelsnitz GWM 1/03
    Georgius Agricola (1494-1555) : 450 let od úmrtí
    Gravity response of igneous rocks in the northwestern part of the Bohemian Massif
    High-Ti basaltic rocks in the uplifted shoulder of the Ohre (Eger) Rift, western Bohemia/Saxony
    Historický stříbrorudný revír Boží Dar u Jáchymova v Krušných horách
    Historische Lagerstätte Kalek (Kallich) - Rübenau/Obernatschung
    Isotopengeochemisches Monitoring - demonstriert am Beispiel von zwei Mineralquellen in Bad Brambach, Vogtland
    Die Kreide der Elbtalzone
    The KTB deep crustal laboratory and the western Eger Graben. Third day: (A) Geodynamic observation of fluid driven earthquake swarms and mantle fluid transport processes in the Nový Kostel epicentral area. Stop 11
    Late Paleozoic volcanosedimentary evolution of the Elbe Zone and the eastern Erzgebirge
    Melilite-bearing igneous rocks in the Bohemian Massif: occurrences in the western Ohře (Eger) Rift
    Microflora in the Wettinquelle, a mineral spring with high gas content of a deep subsurface origin
    Minerale, die nach Personen aus Sachsen bennant sind
    Mineralogical responses of metasomatic alteration of granitic rocks by As-rich fluids: the Zinnwald alkali-feldspar granite, Eastern Erzgebirge, Germany
    Mineralogie variských a prevariských skarnů Českého masivu
    Neuinterpretation seismohydrologischer Anomalien im Schwarmbebengebiet Oberes Vogtlandt/NW-Böhmen
    Note complémentaire sur ľichthyofaune oligocene de Seifhennersdorf (Saxe, Allemagne) et de Varnsdorf, Kundratice, Lbín, Skalice, Knížecí, etc. (Boheme, République tcheque) : pour Ortwin Schultz, a ľ occasion de son 65e anniversaire
    Owyheeit z rudního revíru Freiberg (SRN) a jeho doprovodné minerály
    Petrology of the contact zone between eclogite and marble, Stümpelfelsen, Hammerunterwiesenthal, Westerzgebirge
    Preface [Seifhennersdorf: A window on early Oligocene volcanic ecosystems]
    A preliminary report on Paracitellus eminens Dehm, 1950 (Aplodontidae, Ailuravinae, Rodentia, Mammalia) from the Early Miocene of NW Bohemia
    Provenance of chert-rich microconglomerates and pebbly siltstones from the Ediacaran Lausitz Group (Bohemian Massif, eastern Saxo-Thuringian Zone, Lausitz Block, Germany) revealing the formation of a Late Cadomian retro-arc basin
    Přehled minerálů berylia (mimo skupiny berylu) v Českém masivu
    Relocation of earthquakes in West Bohemian/Vogtland subregions Lazy, Klingenthal and Plesná using the Master event method
    Revision of the cyprinids from the Early Oligocene of the České středohoří Mountains, and the phylogenetic relationships of Protothymallus LAUBE, 1901 (Teleostei, Cyprinidae, Gobioninae)
    The Saxonian Granulite Massif (Saxo-Thuringian Zone, Bohemian Massif): Indications for the crustal evolution of the Central European Variscides from U-Pb-LA-SF-ICP-MS zircon ages
    Schwermetalle in Bachsedimenten der Kirnitzsch/Křnice [i.e. Křinice] (Ostsachsen/Nordböhmen)
    Sea-level change, carbon cycling and palaeoclimate during the Late Cenomanian of northwest Europe : integrated palaeoenvironmental analysis
    Seismic activity in West Bohemia from 2001-2006
    Seismicity and seismotectonics of West Saxony, Germany - new insights from recent seismicity observed with the Saxonian seismic network
    Siliceous microfossils from the Oligocene tripoli-deposit of Seifhennersdorf
    Spaltspurenuntersuchungen zur postvarizischen [i.e. postvariszischen] thermotektonischen Entwicklung des sächsischen Grundgebirges
    Stáří a vulkanologie bazaltů se zirkony z východního Saska (Německo)
    The transition from peraluminous to peralkaline granitic melts : evidence from melt inclusions and accessory minerals
    Typologie zirkonů a předběžné výsledky mineralogického a izotopického výzkumu drahokamových zirkonů z bazaltů východního Saska (Německo)
    Typology, chemistry and origin of zircon from alkali basalts of SE Saxony (Germany)
    Variations in the gas composition, the delta13C of methane and the Fe concentration at the Wettinquelle mineral spring, Bad Brambach (Germany) : interaction between earthquake swarm processes, fluids and microbiological activity
    Vliv klimatogenních faktorů na stabilitu přirozených a antropogenních svahů
    Vorerzgebirgs-Senke und Erzgebirge
    Vulkanologische Untersuchungen des spätpaläozoischen pyroklastisch-kohärenten Gangsystems bei Burkersdorf im Osterzgebirge/Sachsen
    Water content of granitic melts from Cornwall and Erzgebirge : a Raman spectroscopy study of melt inclusions
    Werk und Bedeutung Georgius AGRICOLAs - zum 450. Todestag des sächsischen Gelehrten
    Works and significance of Georgius Agricola - 450 years since the death of this Saxonian scientist
    Zinnlagerstätten des Osterzgebirges, Zinnwald - Altenberg - Sadisdorf