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    Basketbal na Marsu
    Impact-pressure controlled orientation of shatter cone magnetizations in Sierra Madera, Texas, USA
    Když na Marsu sněží, je i Marťanům úzko : divné počasí marťanských pólů
    Ledové doby na Marsu : kdybych byl Marťan, tak radši žiji na Zemi
    Magnetic characterization of Fe-Oxides concretions from Utah, USA and Czech Republic as terrestrial analogues of Mars
    Magnetic/isotopic characteristic of the spherule-rich impact ejecta blanket from the Chicxulub crater: analog for robotic exploration of similar deposits on Mars
    Martian magnetic anomalies in light of fundamental properties of magnetic minerals
    Shape of scoria cones on Mars: Insights from numerical modeling of ballistic pathways
    Testing the origin of Martian 'blueberries': magnetic measurements may be key to the answer
    A unique volcanic field in Tharsis, Mars: Pyroclastic cones as evidence for explosive eruptions
    Utah and Czech Mars analog concretions; Aquatic hematite and goethite characterization
    Very recent and wide-spread basaltic volcanism on Mars