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    Vlastnosti seismických vln v izotropních a anizotropních prostředích
    Anisotropy of sandstone reservoir and shale overburden estimated from spherical sample measurements and cross-dipole logging
    Anisotropy of seismic waves in the uppermost part of the Earth crust
    Approximation of P-wave velocity anisotropy by three-axis ellipsoid
    Assessment of P-wawe anisotropy by means of velocity elipsoid
    Asymptotic elastodynamic Green function in the kiss singularity in homogeneous anisotropic solids
    Asymptotic Green's function in homogeneous anisotropic viscoelastic media
    Basic quantities in homogeneous anisotropic viscoelastic media using a perturbation approach
    Calculation of the slowness vector from the ray vector in anisotropic media
    Changes of anisotropy of P-wave velocity propagation during deformation process of rock samples
    Comparison of field and laboratory seismic velocity anisotropy measurement (scaling factor)
    Comparison of field and laboratory seismic velocity anisotropy measurement (scaling factor)
    Crustal anisotropy in the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic: observations based on Central European Lithospheric Experiment Based on Refraction (CELEBRATION) 2000
    Description of weak anisotropy and weak attenuation using the first-order perturbation theory
    Determination of the anisotropy of elastic waves monitored by a sparse sensor network
    Direct measurement of 3D elastic anisotropy on rocks from the Ivrea zone (Southern Alps, NW Italy)
    Effective anisotropic velocity model from surface monitoring of microseismic events
    Estimativa de anisotropia local através de dados de VSP das ondas qP
    Estimativa de anisotropia local através de dados sintéticos das ondas qP de walkaway VSP
    Estimativa de orientaçao do eixo de simetria através de dados de VSP walkaway de ondas qP
    Exact elastodynamic Green functions for simple types of anisotropy derived from higher-order ray theory
    Focal mechanisms in anisotropic media
    Focal mechanisms produced by shear faulting in weakly transversely isotropic crustal rocks
    Influence of Structure and Cracks Distribution on P-wave Velocity anisotropy in rocks - laboratory and field study
    Local inversion for anisotropy from qP-wave slowness and polarization vectors
    Lokalizace jevů akustické emise v anizotropním prostředí
    Magma Flow Direction in Dikes as Indicated by Magnetic Anisotropy: Examples from Dike Swarms of Bohemian Massif and Namibian Margin
    Magnetic study of Late Pleistocene loess/palaeosol sections from Siberia: palaeoenvironmental implications
    Measurement of elastic constants of orthotropic materials by resonant frequency method
    Mesophase properties after anthracene thermal exposure
    Neutron diffraction texture analysis of rock materials (limestone) by inversion pole figures
    Non-double-couple mechanisms of microearthquakes induced during the 2000 injection experiment at the KTB site, Germany: A result of tensile faulting or anisotropy of a rock?
    One-Dimensional qP-Wave Velocity Model of the Upper Crust for the West Bohemia/Vogtland Earthquake Swarm Region
    Origin and orientation of microporosity in eclogites of different microstructure studied by ultrasound and microfabric analysis
    Parabolic lines and caustics in homogeneous weakly anisotropic solids
    Properties of weak contrast PP reflection/transmission coefficients for weakly anisotropic elastic media
    Ray tracing and inhomogeneous dynamic ray tracing for anisotropy specified in curvilinear coordinates
    Ray tracing and inhomogeneous dynamic ray tracing for anisotropy specified in curvilinear coordinates
    S-wave splitting from records of local micro-earthquakes in West Bohemia/Vogtland: an indicator of complex crustal anisotropy
    The Snell's laws at interfaces in anisotropic viscoelastic media
    Stress induced anisotropy of sediments estimated from ultrasound measurements and cross-dipole sonic logging and crystallographic analysis of shales texture
    Vliv vzájemné orientace struktury migmatitu a směru jednoosého namáhání na parametry ultrazvukového prozařování
    Weakly inhomogeneous plane waves in anisotropic, weakly dissipative media