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    heat flow
    Effect of postglacial warming seen in high precision temperature log deep into the granites in NE Alberta
    Geothermal studies of the Outokumpu Deep Drill Hole
    Geothermal studies of the Outokumpu Deep Drill Hole, Finland: Vertical variation in heat flow and palaeoclimatic implications
    Ground surface temperature history from Czech republic
    Ground surface temperature history in Poland in the 16th-20th centuries derived from the inversion of geothermal profiles
    Heat flow and the structure of the lithosphere. Preface
    Heat flow models across the Trans-European Suture Zone in the area of the POLONAISE'97 seismic experiment
    Heterogeneity effects in thermal borehole measurements in the Chicxulub impact crater
    Implication of post-glacial warming for Northern Alberta heat flow - correcting for the underestimate of the geothermal potential
    Measured versus simulated transients of temperature logs - a test of borehole climatology
    Statistical analysis for thermal data in the Japanese Islans