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    The action of oxidising agent on lignite
    Co-gasification of a lignite/waste-tyre in a moving bed
    The coal seam Anežka of the Sokolov Basin, a contribution to the relationship between sapropelic and liptodetritic coals
    Distribution of Ge and Ga in lignite
    Distribution of trace elements in solid emissions from AFB-far Combustion of lignite and synthetic fuel
    Ecological and human health risk aspects of burning arsenic rich coal
    Hydrogen-rich gas as a product of two-stage co-gasification of lignite/waste mixtures
    Lignite and environment
    Petrology and Geochemistry of Tertiary and Cretaceous coals in the deposits of the Czech Republic
    Properties and utilization of lignite from the Czech Part of the Vienna Basin
    Slag and fly ash deriving from the combustion of lignite in PF boilers at the Belchatów Power Station, Poland
    Solid emissions from the atmospheric fluidized bed combustion of lignite
    Sorption of heavy metals on lignite impregnated with chitosan
    Sorption of metal ions on lignite and the derived humic substances
    Variation in petrology and geochemistry of Tertiary coals in the deposits of the Czech republic - influence of depositional environment