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    magnetic fabric
    Combined neutron texture and magnetic analyses on "undeformed" clays: The origin of tectonic lineations in extensional basins
    Contrasting Magnetic Fabric in Sedimentary Rocks of the Accretionary Prisms of the Western Carpathians and Eastern Rheno-Hercynian Zone
    Local scale deformation for devonian carbonates of Moravo-Silesian zone (Czech Republic) derived from magnetic fabrics
    Magma Flow Direction in Dikes as Indicated by Magnetic Anisotropy: Examples from Dike Swarms of Bohemian Massif and Namibian Margin
    Magnetic fabric and mineralogy of cave deposits in Botovskaya Cave (Eastern Siberia, Russian Federation)
    Magnetic fabric of dikes and sills of the České Středohoří Mts. - preliminary results
    Magnetic fabric study of the SE Rhenohercynian Zone(Bohemian Massif): Implications for dynamics of the Paleozoic accretionary wedge
    Magnetic fabric variations in Mesozoic black shales, Northern Siberia, Russia: Possible paleomagnetic implications