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    Měření úspor zemního plynu při úpravě magnetickým polem : závěrečná zpráva
    Daubreelite and troilite as a source of cometary and minor body magnetism in cold environment
    Identification of the shock effects in the the Avanhandava H4 Chondrules Based on the coercivity spectra of the remanent magnetization
    Impact-pressure controlled orientation of shatter cone magnetizations in Sierra Madera, Texas, USA
    Low-temperature magnetic properties of iron-bearing minerals and their contribution to magnetism of cometary bodies
    Low-temperature magnetism of alabandite: Crucial role of surface oxidation
    Magnetic and mössbauer properties of troilite extract from Nantan iron meteorite
    Magnetic signature of soils due to wild fires
    Martian magnetic anomalies in light of fundamental properties of magnetic minerals
    Mössbauer Study and Magnetic Measurement of Troilite Extract from Nantan Iron Meteorite
    Shock experiments in range of 10-45 GPa with small multidomain magnetite in porous targets
    Soil formation and mineralogy of a Rhodic Luvisol - insights from magnetic and geochemical studies
    Testing the origin of Martian 'blueberries': magnetic measurements may be key to the answer
    TRM in Low Magnetic Fields: a minimum field that can be recorded by large multidomain grain
    Using oxygen isotope and magnetism to reconstruct the paleotemperature framework of the ancient travertine deposits in Death Valley, CA