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    Magnetická stabilita systému malých částic hematitu
    High field remagnetization of hematite concretions from Utah, USA and Czech Republic
    Lunar Magnetism: IRMs Normalization and Impact Related Magnetization
    New insight into the origin of anomalous magnetism of titanohematite lamellae in rhombohedral oxide assemblages -consequence for Mars magnetism
    Out-of-phase susceptibility and time-dependent acquisition of viscous magnetization: two intercorrelating magnetic proxies in magnetic granulometry of sediments and soils
    Reply to the comment on the paper 'Grain size dependent potential for self generation of magnetic anomalies on Mars via thermoremanent magnetic acquisition and magnetic interaction of hematite and magnetite'
    Structural evolution of the Prague synform (Czech Republic) during Silurian times: An AMS, rock magnetism, and palomagnetic study of the Svatý Jan pod Skalou dikes. Consequences for the nappes emplacement