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    malé povodí
    Acid-base characteristics of aquatic organic acids in the runoff from a peatland affected by high acidic deposition
    Acidification of two small basins in the Krušné hory Mts.
    Agricultural Impacts in the Northern Temperate Zone
    Atmospheric deposition into small drainage basins studied by Geological Survey
    Biogeochemical balance as a prerequisite to ecological stability: a model for the Křivoklátsko Biosphere Reserve, Czechoslovakia
    The broadening scope of catchment-level isotope studies (A BIOGEOMON retrospect)
    Characteristics of two small basins in the Šumava Mts. (South Bohemia)
    Chemical changes in acid runoff along its pathway through granitic minicatchment in Stormyra Basin, Sweden
    Chemical composition of rain and lysimetric waters from grasslands with different rates of fertilization
    A comparison of the geochemistry of runoff fr6m small basins receiving or not receiving acid deposition: A trend from Brittany (France) to Bohemia (Czechoslovakia)
    Distribution and composition of the dry deposition in Prague during the winter season
    Distribution of arsenic in snowfall samples Prague, Central Bohemia
    Element Budgets
    Elemental fluxes in forested catchments underlain by granite and serpentinite in the Slavkovský les Mountains, Czech Republic
    Geomorphological conditions of the Mlynářův luh experimental watershed in the biosphere reservation of Křivoklátsko
    Importance of Runoff Episode for Sulfur Budget in Forested Catchment
    Influence of bedrock geology on elemental fluxes in two forested catchments affected by high acidic deposition
    Input-output budgets measured in a national network of small catchments
    Integrated GIS and Remotely Sensed Data for Input and Runoff Monitoring
    Investigation into the Causes of the Origin of the Flash Floods in the Czech Republic
    Isotopic composition of sulphur in soils and runoff in five small catchments
    Long-term changes of runoff chemistry in a small catchment affected by forest die-back
    Longitudinal variations in streamwater chemistry: Krušné hory Mts., NW Bohemia
    Mlynářův Luh Catchment
    Modelling the hydrologic and biogeochemical response of a catchment area to anthropogenic inputs
    Nitrates in waters and soils of a small refuge
    Organic carbon in small watersheds of the Bohemian Massif
    Použití izotopického složení síry ve srážkách, půdách a odtoku pro studium biogeochemického cyklu síry v malých povodích
    Quantitative verification of geographical erosion research methods and other application possibilities of small basin field control
    Rates of Weathering and Erosion Derived from Mass Balance in Small Drainage Basins
    Sledování malých povodí v rámci systému GEOMON
    Small basin research: an introduction to the workshop
    Small Catchment Research
    Small Catchment Studies in the Tropical Zone
    Speciation of some minor and trace elements in sediments and water of a pond
    Stanovení kritických zátěží na základě sledování látkových toků v síti vybraných malých povodí
    Sulfur isotope dynamics in the system: bedrock-forest soil-spruce canopy-atmosphere
    Sulfur Isotope Signals in Forest Soils of Central Europe along an Air Pollution Gradient
    Temporal and spatial variation in sulphur fluxes and delta 34 S ratios in Central Europe
    Three-Component Model of Runoff Generation, Lysina Catchment, Czech Republic
    Three-component model of runoff generation, Lysina catchment, Czech Republic
    Use of Sr isotopes in small catchment monitoring
    Výsledky geologického mapování 1:10 000 v studijní ploše Pekařov-keprnická klenba (14-24 Bělá)
    Výzkum malých povodí
    Weathering and Erosion Aspects of Small Catchment Research