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    mechanical properties
    Design for a filler of an intervertebral cage for spine treatment on the basis of fibers and particulate composites
    Influence of reinforcement compaction on interlaminar shear strength and dynamic moduli of a laminated carbon-carbon composite
    Isothermal and adiabatic Young's moduli of alumina and zirconia ceramics at elevated temperatures
    Mechanical behavior of polymer-matrix biocomposites modified by nano/micro additives
    Mechanical properties of a fabric reinforced carbon-carbon composite
    Mechanical properties of basalt fibre reinforced composites prepared by partial pyrolysis of a polymer precursor
    Nanowear Testing of Composite Materials
    Oxidation behaviour and mechanical properties of carbon fibre composites with methylphenylsiloxane-based matrix and pyrolytic carbon coating
    Partially pyrolyzed composites with basalt fibres - Mechanical properties
    Physical properties, structure and fracturing of the Chelyabinsk LL5 meteorite body
    Porous composite materials with polyamide reinforcement and siloxane matrix with nano-hydroxyapatite as biomaterials
    Properties and performance of polysiloxane-derived ceramic matrix in heat resistant composites reinforced with R-glass or fine ceramic fibres
    Relation between Mechanical Properties and Pyrolysis Temperature of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin for Gas Separation Membranes
    Strength, elasticity and failure of composites with pyrolyzed matrices based on polymethylsiloxane resins with optimized ratio of D and T components
    A study of surface properties of composite materials and their influence on the biocompatibility