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    moment tensors
    Determination of full moment tensors of microseismic events in a very heterogeneous mining environment
    Determination of moment tensors from borehole data: a numerical analysis
    Experimental investigation of acoustic emissions and their moment tensors in rock during failure
    MEPL2 - interactive-batch tool for full seismic MT plotting
    Moment tensors of events induced in Cotton Valley gas field from waveform inversion
    Moment tensors of mining tremors - detection tool of the mode of rock-mass fracturing: mechanism of deep events on October 24 and October 12, 2005 in Moab Khotsong mine, S. Africa
    Moment tensors of the January 1997 earthquake swarm in NW Bohemia (Czech Republic): double-couple vs. non-double-couple events
    Network sensor calibration for retrieving accurate moment tensors of acoustic emissions
    Non-double-couple earthquakes of 1997 January in West Bohemia, Czech Republic: evidence of tensile faulting
    On the retrieval of moment tensors from borehole data
    Properties of moment tensors of sources in anisotropic media
    Symbolical Numeric Process for error transformation