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    rock magnetism
    Abstracts of the 10th Castle meeting on new trends in geomagnetism, palaeo, rock and environmental magnetism
    Analysis of demagnetization path of a multiple-component NRM: testing of the present method and new data-inversion approach
    Application of magnetic susceptibility as a paleoclimatic proxy on Paleozoic sedimentary rocks and characterization of the magnetic signal - IGCP-580 projects and event
    Low-temperature magnetic properties of greigite (Fe3S4)
    Magnetic characterization of Fe-Oxides concretions from Utah, USA and Czech Republic as terrestrial analogues of Mars
    Magnetic interaction and cooling rate
    Magnetic particles in atmospheric particulate matter collected at sites with different level of air pollution
    Magnetic remanence in the Murchison meteorite
    Magnetismus hornin a jeho aplikace při studiu znečištění životního prostředí
    Paleo, rock and environmental magnetism. Preface
    Rock magnetism in environmental pollution studies. Special issue
    Testing of the presence of large electromagnetic pulse during the Tunguska event for the Mirror Matter hypothesis
    TRM/SIRM of magnetic minerals