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    trace fossils
    Cherts of the Přídolí Formation and accompanying trace fossils (Pridoli, Silurian), Barrandian area, Czech Republic
    Combined tectonic-sediment supply-driven cycles in a Lower Carboniferous deep-marine foreland basin, Moravice Formation, Czech Republic
    Comments on the draft proposal to amend the Code with respect to trace fossils
    Corrosive root traces, their secondary modifications and products of chemical corrosion: limestone rockgrounds of supralittoral zone (Recent, Croatia)
    Description vs. interpretation: problem of small rounded pits and shafts of the Early Ordovician hard substrates (St Petersburgs region, Russia)
    Draft proposal to emend the Code with respect to trace fossils: request for comments
    Fossil assemblages from the Middle Ordovician Šárka Fromation at Praha - Červený vrch Hill (Prague Basin, Barrandian area)
    Geologický záznam evoluce obyvatel mořského dna
    Ichnofabric and trace fossils in the sedimentary fill of the Boskovice Basin (Carboniferous-Permian; Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Ichnofosilie Rusophycus cf. cryptolithi Osgood, 1970 - stopa trilobita Deanaspis goldfussi (Barrande, 1846) z letenského souvrství (svrchní ordovik Barrandienu)
    The ichnogenus Arachnostega Bertling, 1992: one of the most common trace fossils in the mediterranean region of the Ordovician
    Mělce podpovrchové bioturbační textury zachovalé v řevnických křemencích (svrchní ordovik Barrandienu)
    Nález jedince ichnorodu Zoophycos na Klonku u Suchomast
    New Ichnospecies of Scratching Traces from Phosphatic nodules (Cenomanian, England)
    Nové ichnofosilie z fluviálních svrchnokarbonských sedimentů vnitrosudetské pánve
    Ordovician trace fossils from the Irkutsk basin, Siberian platform
    A Present-day State of Ichnological Research of the Late Palaeozoic Coal-Bearing Basins of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)
    RICHARD G. BROMLEY: Trace fossils - biology, taphonomy and applications
    Three new Ichnogenera of Biting and Gnawing traces on Reptilian and Mammalian Bones: A Case Study from the Miocene of the Czech Republic
    The Trace Fossil Chondrites in Uppermost Jurasic-Lower Cretaceous Deep Cavity Fills from the Western Carpathians, Czech Republic
    Trace Fossils as Indicators of Depositional Sequence Boundaries in Lower Carboniferous Deep-Sea Fan Environment Moravice Formation, Czech Republic
    Trace fossils coupled with ediacara-like enigmatic structures: Middle Cambrian, St. Petersburg region, Russia
    Trace fossils from the Upper Carboniferous fluvial sediments of the Intrasudetic Basin, Czech Republic
    Trace fossils on and above the transgressive surface. substrate consistency and phosphogenesis (Lower ordovician, StPetersburg Region, Russia)
    Vrtavé stopy v kostech krunýřů suchozemských želv (miocén mostecké pánve)
    Xylic substrates at the fossilisation barrier: oak trunks (Quercus sp.) in the Holocene sediments of the Labe River, Czech Republic