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   Acid Reign '95 - Abstract Book
    Kluwer Academic Publishers
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    Acid and heavy deposition to soils in east central Europe
    Acidification and its Recovery in the Black Triangle Region
    Acidification of head water streams in the Czech Republic : Preliminary results from monitoring physic-chemical and biological parameters. A work towards a system for water quality classification using the benthic fauna
    AL:PE Projects : Acidification of Mountain Lakes: Palaeolimnology and Ecology. AL:PE 2. Remote Mountain Lakes as Indicators of Air Pollution and Climate Change
    Analysis of atmospheric input, soil solution and runoff from a small mountain forested catchment
    Biogeochemistry of aluminium in a forest catchment in the Czech Republic impacted by atmospheric inputs of strong acids
    Bulk precipitation chemistry dependence on altitude: Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic
    Catchment hydrology and acidification recovery at the Gardsjön covered catchment experiment
    Chemical response of acidic Bohemian lakes to reduction of atmospheric deposition
    Covered catchment experiment at Gardsjön: Changes in runoff chemistry after 4 years of experimentally reduced acid deposition
    Effect of acidification on atmospheric corrosion of structural metals in the region of Europe
    The effect of pH and atmospheric deposition on concentration of trace elements in acidified freshwaters : a statistical approach
    Effects of air pollution on biogeochemical cycling of elements in forest ecosystems in a gradient study from Czech Republic and Poland to Denmark - the APOS-Project
    Emission Abatement Strategies and the Environment (EASE) for the Black Triangle
    Environmental policy of the Central European countries
    Factors affecting the content of heavy metals in total atmospheric deposition, throughfall and stream flow in central Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Longitudinal variations in streamwater chemistry of the Krušné hory Mts.
    Modelling of formation of atomic chlorine from the seaspray at coastal area
    Nitrogen saturation induced by experimental addition of ammonium nitrate to a forested catchment at Gardsjön, SW Sweden
    Pollutant deposition by rain and snow in the Western Sudety mountains
    Recovery of acidified catchments in the extremely pollutated Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic
    The role of organic acids in heavily acidified brown waters
    Study of the effects of topography altitude and tree species on delta 34S of deposited sulphur
    Sulphur inputs and dispersion pathways in the soil of an area affected by forest die-back, Czech Republic : A combined 34S-35S study