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   AIG-6, 6th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry. Abstracts
    Czech Geological Survey
    Česká geologická služba
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    Carbon isotope composition of gases thermally desorbed from coals
    Dynamics of sulphate oxygen isotopes in a spruce die-back affected catchment and at an unpolluted control site
    Effect of temperature on downward movement of 34S and 35S in isotopically labelled forest soils: seasonality in organic S cycling
    Evidence for organic cycling of anthropogenic sulfur in forested catchments:S isotope mass balance for 13 sites spanning a 10-fold pollution gradient
    Fe isotopic variations in iron meteorites and implications for parent-body thermal histories
    In-situ analysis of Fe isotopes by laser ablation multicollector ICP-MS: Limits and applications
    Mafic-intermediate granulites of the Lišov Massif, Southern Bohemia: Vestige of a Late Devonian magmatic arc?
    Strontium isotopic signature in two forest catchments with contrasting lithology (Bohemian Massif, Central Europe)