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   BIOGEOMON 2012, 7th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior, Conference Program and Book of Abstracts
    University of Maine
    Villanova Univeristy 2012
    Villanova University
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    17 years of biogeochemical monitoring in the GEOMON network of small catchments, Czech Republic
    Arsenic streamwater runoff and atmospheric deposition in two catchments with contrasting acid-base chemistry in western Bohemia
    Atmogenic Pb in small forest catchments of Central Europe - The mass balance and isotope approaches
    Distributed modeling of hydrologic patterns at small forested catchment
    Modeling of long-term water and soil changes in three geochemically contrasting monolithological Czech catchments
    Projections of water balance changes in nine forested Czech catchments as a result of anticipated climate change
    Trends in Stream Water Chemistry within GEOMON Network in the Czech Republic