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   Palaeovegetational development of Europe. Abstract-Volume
    Naturhistorisches Musem
    Naturhistorisches Museum
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    Comparison of medieval and recent vegetation in Jihlava (Moravia)
    Earliest Upper Cretaceous palynomorphs of basal (transgressive) strata in Blansko Graben (Moravia, Czechoslovakia)
    The environment of the Pavlovian - palaeoecological results from Bulhary, South Moravia
    History of Fagus in Central Europe - an attempt of new interpretation of fagus evolution
    Leaf and fruit compressions from the Bohemian Cenomanian
    Palynological study of slightly metamorphosed Palaeozoic rocks in West-Carpathian Region
    Results of pollen analysis of the Late Glacial in the Moravian Karst
    Some angiosperms of the Bohemian Cenomanian - palaeoecology and evolution
    Unbekannte Objekte in Pollenpräparaten - Tardigrada
    Vegetational and facial changes of flora/microflora in the Late Eocene, Oligocene and Early Miocene