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   Proceedings : International symposium "Impact of agricultural activities on groundwater" . XVIth Congerss of the International association of hydrogeologists, Prague, Czechoslovakia, September 5th-11th, 1982 . Memoires 16(3)
    International Association of Hydrogeologists
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    The application of hydraulic methods to the prediction of agricultural impact on groundwater
    Determination of dispersion parameters for describing the transport of a pollutant in ground water by electric methods
    Function of drainage with regard to groundwater
    Groudwater protection from agricultural pollution with regard to the czechoslovak law
    Impact of protective drainage works and irrigation on ground water
    Mathematical modelling of the agricultural impacts on ground water quality and quantity
    Mathematical simulation of nitrate transport
    Quantitative effets of pipe drainage on ground water resources in infiltration area
    Regional extrapolation of water quality models
    The role of the unsaturated zone in conflicts between the drainage of agricultural soils and concern of groudwater resources