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   The Sixth Meeting of the European Clay Groups EUROCLAY' 87 - Summaries-Proceedings
    Sociedad Espanola de Arcillas
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    Clays in the 21st century
    The developing of cristobalite in kaolinized volcanic rocks in San Andres mountains in Michoacan (Mexico)
    The effect of composition of dioctahedral Na-smectites on their swelling
    Effect of temperature and exchangeable cation on water diffusion in montmorillonite
    Genesis and geochemistry of the arkose-type kaolins in the Plzeň Basin, Czechoslovakia
    Genesis and mineralogy of the Rio Callejon kaolin deposit (Cuba)
    Geochemistry of rocks from red beds in Ostrava-Karviná Coal Basin
    Reduction of structural iron in smectites by microorganisms
    Secondary iron in red weathered rocks and sediments of the Bohemian Massif
    Use of smectite-zeolite alteration product of rhyolitic ignimbrite from Puertas Viehas (Nicaragua) in the manufacture of tiles