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   Dobisíková, Miluše
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   Anthropologische Auswertung der Menschlichen Skelette von Nova Ves.
   Biological Diversity of Non-metric Traits in the Great Moravian Population - the Comparison of the Mikulčice Power Centre and its Hinterland.
   Estimation of Biologically Related Groups of Individuals at the Mikulčice-Kostelisko Burial Site on the Basis of Morphological Similarities, Topography of the Burial Site and Archaeological Data.
   Harris Lines in the Non-adult Great Moravian Population from Mikulčice - the Comparison of Inhabitants of the Castle and Sub-castle Area.
   Harris Lines in the Non-adult Great-Moravian Population of Mikulčice (Czech Republic).
   The Health Status of the Early Medieval Population of Greater Moravia in relation to social and economic structures.
   The incidence of Harris lines in the non-adult Great Moravian population of Mikulčice (Czech Republic) with reference to social position
   Skelettüberreste aus dem Gräberfeld der Aunjetitzer Kultur bei Vepřek (Bez. Mělník)
   Stature of the Great Moravian Population in Connection with Social Status.