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   Jánský, J.
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   Comprehensive geophysical research of the seismogenic western part of the Bohemian Massif
   Feasibility of jointly locating microseismic events with data from surface and downhole receivers
   Homogeneous velocity models of the West Bohemian swarm region obtained by grid search
   Influence of some WEBNET stations on location of earthquakes in West Bohemian subregions Nový Kostel and Lazy
   Layered velocity models of the Western Bohemia region
   One-Dimensional qP-Wave Velocity Model of the Upper Crust for the West Bohemia/Vogtland Earthquake Swarm Region
   Relocation of earthquakes in West Bohemian/Vogtland subregions Lazy, Klingenthal and Plesná using Master event method
   Seismic measurements along short profiles in western Bohemia during the Celebration 2000 experiment
   Seismic regime of the West-Bohemian earthquake swarms region
   Some aspects of application of the Wiechert-Herglotz method to refraction data from western Bohemia (2004)
   Vertically inhomogeneous models of the upper crustal structure in the West Bohemian seismoactive region inferred from the CELEBRATION 2000 refraction data