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    The calcareous nannofossil record across the Late Cretaceous Turonian/Coniacian boundary, including new data from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and England
    Cenomanian through Lower Coniacian events in the Upper Cretaceous of Saxony, Germany
    Event- und Sequenzstratigraphie in der Sächsischen Kreide
    The Ghadamis Fault : A Disputed Structure in NW Libya. Vol. 6
    Inoceramids from Kreibitz-Zittauer area (Saxony and northern Bohemia) : revision of ANDERT'S (1911) descriptions
    Lower Turonian Euroamerican Inoceramidae : A morphologic, taxonomic, and biostratigraphic overview
    New palaeontological and biostratigraphical data on the Klement and Pálava Formations (Upper Cretaceous) in Austria (Waschberg-Ždánice Unit)
    Nový nález makrofauny v godulském souvrství slezské jednotky (26-11 Jablunkov)
    Palaeontological Dating of the Pre-Campanian Unconformity in the Ghawt Sas Area. 1