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    šíření vln
    Ambiguous moment tensors and radiation patterns in anisotropic media with applications to the modeling of earthquake mechanisms in W-Bohemia
    Approximate conditions for the off-axis triplication in transversely isotropic media
    Errors due to the common ray approximations of the coupling ray theory
    Finite Diffrence Schemes Adaption for Full Wave Equation Migration
    Fluid induced earthquakes : KTB experiments and Vogtlandt seismicity swarms?
    Der Gebirgsschlag vom 13. März 1989 bei Völkershausen in Thüringen im Kalibergbaugebiet des Werratals - Makroseismische Beobachtungen und Analysen
    Inhomogeneous harmonic plane waves in viscoelastic anisotropic media
    Local determination of weak anisotropy parameters from walkaway VSP qP-wave data in the Java Sea region
    Možnosti georadaru v inženýrském průzkumu
    A note on two-point paraxial travel times
    Paraxial ray methods in inhomogeneous anisotropic media: Initial conditions
    Position analysis of rock bursts in the area of the Mayrau Mine shaft pillar
    Resolution tests of global geodynamic models by travel-time tomography
    The rupture process of the Manjil, Iran earthquake of 20 June 1990 and implications for intraplate strike-slip earthquakes
    Study of the upper crustal structure on the territory of Bohemia using seismic waves from quarry blasts
    Teleseismic studies of the lithosphere beneath the Bohemian Massif
    Verification of the lithospheric structure along profile Uppsala-Prague using surface wave dispersion