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    Carboniferous conodonts from Brusník anticline (south Slovakia)
    Confirmed Transtensional Slip in the Area of the Svratka Anticline
    Early Ordovician microfossils (acritarchs, chitinozoans) and graptolites from the Schwarzburg Anticline, Thuringia (Germany)
    Orientation Analysis Tools for GIS, example on Svratka anticline
    Revision of trilobites of the Grieffelschiefer Formation (Ordovician, Schwarzburg anticline, Germany) : preliminary results
    Silurian (Gorstian) gastropod assemblage in the America anticline north of Karlštejn (Barrandien area, Bohemia) - preliminary report
    Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Klínovec anticline crystalline unit