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    Continental crust at mantle depths: key minerals and microstructures
    Creating of 3D map of temperature fields OKR at depths of around 1000 m
    Electrical conductivity at crustal and upper mantle depths under Central Europe
    Electrical conductivity at mid-mantle depths estimated from the data of Sq and long period geomagnetic variations
    Emplacement depths and radiometric ages of Paleozoic plutons of the Neukirchen-Kdyně massif:differential uplift and exhumation of Cadomian basement due to Carboniferous orogenic collapse (Bohemian Massif)
    Foraminiferal dissolution at shallow depths of the Walvis Ridge and Rio Grande Rise during the latest Cretaceous : Inferences for deep-water circulation in the South Atlantic
    The fundamental Variscan problem: high-temperature metamorphism at different depths and high-pressure metamorphism at different temperatures
    Petrophysical and geochemical characteristics of late Variscan granites in the Karlovy Vary Massif (Czech Republic) - implications for gravity and magnetic interpretation at shallow depths