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    From explosive breccia to unidirectional solidification textures: magmatic evolution of a phosphorus- and fluorine-rich granite system (Podlesí, Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic)
    Hydrovolcanic tuff rings and cones as indicators for phreatomagmatic explosive eruptions on Mars
    Particle Velocity and Frequency of Seismic Waves Generated by a Cylindrical Explosive Source
    Particle velocity and frequency of seismic wawes generated by a cylindrical explosive source
    Subvolcanic features in a variscan granite from Bohemian Massif: Explosive breccia and unidirectional solidification textures in the Podlesí granite stock, Krušné Hory Mountains
    A unique volcanic field in Tharsis, Mars: Pyroclastic cones as evidence for explosive eruptions