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    Conditions of the Rise and Hydrogeochemical Stability of Mineral Waters of the Levice Mineral Water Springs Line in the West Carpathians
    Confrontation of the consumption of artificial fertilizers with the rise of nitrate concentrations in water resources (a retrospective view)
    Flow and fabric development during the diapiric rise of magma: AMS study on plaster models
    Foraminiferal dissolution at shallow depths of the Walvis Ridge and Rio Grande Rise during the latest Cretaceous : Inferences for deep-water circulation in the South Atlantic
    Interactive use of groundwater hydraulic modelling and GIS application for predicting of groundwater level rise impacts
    Mineralogy and geochemistry od submarine massive sulphides from the East Pacific Rise area
    The Rise and Propagation of Plastic Zones in the Steel Arch Tunnel support due to large Deformations