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    Convergence of Newton type solvers in incremental return mapping analysis of elasto-plastic problems
    Inexact Newton solvers in plasticity. Theory and experiments
    An application of parallel DiD and DD solvers
    Challenging applications of iterative solvers in geotechnics
    Inexact Newton solvers in incremental plasticity
    Iterative Displacement Decomposition Solvers for HPC in Geomechanics
    Large Scale modelling in geomechanics: elasticity, thermo-elasticity and iterative solvers
    Library of parallel PCG Solvers for Problems of geomechanics
    Linear system solvers based on space decompositions and parallel computations
    Multiscale modelling of geomatrials and iterative solvers
    Numerical and computational efficiency of solvers for two-phase problems
    Parallel displacement decomposition solvers for elasticity problems
    Parallel solvers for numerical upscaling
    Space Decomposition Preconditioners and Parallel Solvers
    Space Decomposition Solvers and Their Performance in PC-Based Parallel Computing Environments