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    Humic substances in the global environment and implications on human health
    Selected papers from the Eleventh International humic substances society conference, Boston MA, USA, 2002
    Are recent karst processes influenced by soil humic substances?
    Biodegraded petrogenetic substances in billlabong sediments as evidenced by molecular fossils
    Biodegraded petrogenic substances in Billabong sediment as evidenced by molecular fossils
    Causes of changes in index parameters of clay substances in coal basins of the Czech Massif
    Contribution to the quantitative analysis of the optical texture of carbonaceous substances
    Determination of the Distribution of Micropoures of Carbonaceous Substances by Adsorption and by the Saxs Method
    Gas permeability of porous substances
    The microporous phase of carbonaceous substances and its fractal dimension
    Microporous structure of carbonaceous substances and the significance of its
    Microporous structure of carbonaceous substances and the significance of its
    Modified carbon paste electrodes for the study of metal-humic substances complexation
    New insights into aggregation and conformational behaviour of humic substances: application of high resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy
    New Model of Fractal Analysis of Microporous Substances
    Production and utilization of humic substances in Humeco JSC
    Sorption of metal ions on lignite and the derived humic substances
    The study of higher ash lignite composition on affinity and volatility of toxic elements and substances for energetic utilization
    Using S and Pb isotope ratios to trace leaching of toxic substances from an acid-impacted industrial-waste landfill (Pozdatky, Czech Republic)
    Water as a distributor of undesired substances in ecosystem