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    Alteration of arsenopyrite in soils under different vegetation covers
    Differences in antimony and arsenic releases from lead smelter fly ash in soils
    Heavy metal scavenging mechanisms in leachate-polluted waters: a case study of an old municipal landfill of Prague, Czech Republic
    Isotopic composition of lead in Czech coals
    Lithogenic thallium behavior in soils with different land use
    Metal speciation and attenuation in stream waters and sediments contaminated by landfill leachate
    Mineralogical and geochemical controls of arsenic speciation and mobility under different redox conditions in soil, sediment and water at the Mokrsko-West gold deposit, Czech Republic
    Speciation of selected hazardous elements in soils with different vegetation cover in the black triangle region (Czech Republic)
    Temporal variation of trace elements in waters polluted by municipal solid waste landfill leachate