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    Biotic and Abiotic Controls Over Ecosystems Cycling of Stable Natural Nitrogen, Carbon and Sulphur Isotopes
    Bauer, G.
    Bůzek, František
    Gebauer, G.
    Harkness, D.
    Harrison, A.
    Hödberg, P.
    Hogbom, L.
    Novák, Martin
    Persson, T.
    Schinkel, H.
    Schulze, E.
    Taylor, A.
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    část monografie (kapitola)
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    Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in European Forest Ecosystems
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    stable isotope signatures of N, S and C! European transect! turnover! wet deposition! forest catchment!
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   Nitrogen isotope analysis in wet deposition indicated that for some of the forests the d15N signals can be traced back to the pollution sources.Forest ecosystems which are exposed to N pollution show a significant enrichment in d15N of foliage and the upper soil horizons.Sulphur isotope signature indicated that S which is deposited on forest ecosystems is differentfrom the S which leaks out of the forest soils.The increased rates of N transformations in the soil might effect C storage and turnover in the organic soil horizons.
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014