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    Commuting for Retail Shopping as a Part of the Daily Urban System (Brno, the Czech Republic)
    Frantál, Bohumil
    Kunc, J.
    Szczyrba, Z.
    Tonev, P.
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    článek v odborném periodiku
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    Geographica Technica
    Roč. 7, č. 1
    s. 36-45
    Autoři celkem: 4
    Rozsah: 10 s. : www
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    commuting to retail shops
    daily urban system
    retail gravity models
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   Economic and social changes in the Czech Republic after 1990 have, besides others, been reflected in the shopping habits of its inhabitants. Not only the "standard" form of everyday shopping for basic provisions in corner shops is common today, but also daily visiting of specialized retail chain stores or shopping areas has become a standard phenomenon. Such daily shopping trips are often intertwined with commuting to work, school, or other services and have become an important factor in the daily lives of residents (not only in the larger agglomerations). This phenomenon has led to the creation of stronger links between the inhabitants within a daily urban system. It is the aim of this contribution to present and discuss selected results of commuting for retail shopping in Brno hinterland (the Czech Republic) with emphasis on daily foodstuffs shopping.
    AV ČR Brno, Ústav geoniky
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    AV ČR, ÚG
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    20. 3. 2014