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    Juvenile phacopid trilobites from the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)
    Bignon, Arnaud
    Budil, Petr
    Crônier, Catherine
    Fatka, Oldřich
    Laibl, Lukáš
    Manda, Štěpán
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    článek v periodiku
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    Paläontologische Zeitschrift
    Roč. 87, č. 2
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    Trilobita, Phacopida, Lower Devonian, Prague Basin, Barrandian area
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   Complete early ontogenetic stages of phacopid trilobites left very poor fossil record worldwide. Although the phacopid trilobites are common component of Devonian communities inhabiting Prague Basin, only two articulated juvenile individuals were described until now. The rich and diversified fauna, including common remains of meraspid and young holaspid specimens of the phacopid Pedinopariops superstes superstes (Barrande, 1852) was, however, found in the late Emsian Daleje shales (Daleje-Třebotov Formation) at the Čeřinka quarry near Bubovice. The somewhat specific association of skeletal fauna of the Daleje shales collected from the Čeřinka quarry probably reflects a specific position of the locality, corresponding to the transition from the shale facies into the carbonate facies. The newly described association contains common moulted young holaspids, one entire meraspid specimen and one poorly preserved but entire late meraspid-early holaspid specimen. The young individuals of P. s
   uperstes superstes strongly resemble the ancestral P. degener (Barrande, 1852); with the exception of the smaller eyes, they somewhat remind the coarsely tuberculated descendent Pedinopariops superstes superior. The principal differences between the early stages of P. superstes superstes and the adult specimens include the relatively coarse tuberculation of dorsal exoskeleton, which is more strongly vaulted and show a lesser eye-development in young specimens. Co-occurring adult specimens however, correspond with the diagnosis of typical P. superstes. The newly collected material is supplemented by description of two, so far unpublished remains of juvenile Pedinopariops superstes coming from other localities, one 3D preserved entire meraspid specimen of Reedops cf. bronni (Barrande, 1846), as well as by a detailed discussion of the two earlier described specimens of Pedinopariops insequens (Chlupáč, 1977) and Prokops hoeninghausi (Barrande, 1846).
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014