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    200 years of Pb deposition throughout the Czech Republic: Patterns and sources
    Anthropogenic Gd in Surface Water,drainage system, and the water supply of the city of Prague, Czech Republic
    Controls on Metal Leaching from Secondary Pb Smelter Air-Pollution-Control Residues
    Export of Arsenic from Forested Catchments Under Easing Atmospheric Pollution
    Increased dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in Central European streams is driven by reductions in ionic strength rather than climate change or decreasing acidity
    Is a universal model of organic acidity possible: Comparison of the acid/base properties of dissolved organic carbon in the boreal and temperate zones
    Origin of lead in eight central European peat bogs determined from isotope ratios, strengths, and operation times of regional pollution sources
    Processes affecting oxygen isotope ratios of atmospheric and ecosystem sulfate in two contrasting forest catchments in Central Europe
    Recovery of Acidified European Surface Waters
    Retrospective analyses and future predictions of snowmelt-induced acidification: Example from a heavily impacted stream in the Czech Republic
    Sulfur Isotope Signals in Forest Soils of Central Europe along an Air Pollution Gradient
    Temporal trends in the isotope signature of air-born sulfur in Central Europe