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    Pure and Applied Geophysics
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    Age-dependent large-scale fabric of the mantle lithosphere as derived from surface-wave velocity anisotropy
    Computation of additional components of the first-order ray approximation in isotropic media
    Differential evolution algorithm in the earthquake hypocenter location
    Elastic parameters of West Bohemian granites under hydrostatic pressure
    Energy balance of simple elastodynamic sources
    Estimation of Mining Tremor Occurrence by Using Neural Networks
    European earthquakes in the 18th century through simultaneous pictorial documentation
    Geodynamics of lithosphere and Earth's mantle: seismic anisotropy as a record of the past and present dynamic
    Ground surface temperature history in Poland in the 16th-20th centuries derived from the inversion of geothermal profiles
    Ground surface warming history in northern Canada inferred from inversions of temperature logs and comparison with other proxy climate reconstructions
    Influence of nonlinear processes in seismic foci on released energy
    Laboratory approach to the study of elastic anisotropy on rock samples
    Local determination of weak anisotropy parameters from qP-wave slowness and particle motion measurements
    Moment tensor inversion of regional phases: application to a mine collapse
    Non-linear process in earthquake foci
    Point-source parameters from noisy waveforms: error estimate by Monte-Carlo simulation
    Point source radiation in inhomogeneous anisotropic structures
    Predisposition to Induced Seismicity in Some Czech Coal Mines
    Regional correlation analysis between seismic heterogeneity in the lower mantle and subduction in the last 180 Myr: implications for mantle dynamics and rheology
    Seismic anisotropy and velocity variations in the mantle beneath the Saxothuringicum-Moldanubicum contact in Central Europe
    Seismic moment tensor resolution on a local scale: simulated rockburst and mine-induced seismic events in the Kopanang gold mine, South Africa
    Seismic waves in laterally inhomogeneous media
    Seismic waves in laterally inhomogeneous media. Part 1. Preface
    Simultaneous determination of the source mechanism and the seismic wave energy
    Small scale earthquake mechanisms induced by fluid injection at the enhanced geothermal system reservoir Soultz (Alsace) in 2003 using alternative source models
    Source parameters of weak crustal earthquakes of the Vrancea region from short-period waveform inversion
    Space-time Variations of the Frequency-energy Relation for Mining-induced Seismicity in the Ostrava-Karviná Mining District
    Study of local seismic events in Lithuania and adjacent areas using data from the PASSEQ experiment
    Weak contrast PP wave displacement R/T coefficients in weakly anisotropic elastic media