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Geografické jméno
    Itálie severní
    ALP 2002 Seismic Experiment
    Alpine Pleistocene Glaciations and their Link to Global Paleoclimatic Changes
    Anhang/Nachtrag : Briefwechsel Ferber/Arduino von 1772/1773
    Anizotropija i tekstura olivinosoderžaščich mantijnych porod pri vysokich davlenijach
    The Arvicolids from Arondelli-Triversa: a new look
    Bělostný svět kararského mramoru
    Comparison of field and laboratory seismic velocity anisotropy measurement (scaling factor)
    Correlation of selected late Cenozoic European mammal faunas with the magnetic polarity time scale
    Correlation of two Mediterranean fossil sites with those of the Paratethys region by the aid of palynology
    Early Aptian ammonites from the top of the Maiolica and the anoxic "Selli level" (Lombardy, Southern Alp)
    Euhedral and Euhedral-Looking Ocelli in Mafic Bodies of Granitic Complexes
    The fossil history of Sloanea L. (Elaeocarpaceae) in Europe
    Goethes Karlsbader Zwillinge und andere Zwillinge der Feldspäte
    Grossular z Piemontu : z návštěvy Val d' Ala, Val di Susa a burzy v Torinu
    Investigations into the mechanism of translational bloc-type slope movements
    Iron-bacterial mediation in Phanerozoic red limestones: State of the art
    Nález opálu v jeskyni Borgio Verezzi
    Oceanic fish otoliths across Oligo-Miocene boundary in Europe. In Search of the Paleogene/Neogene Boundary. Part 3 - The Global Stratotype Section and Point the GSSP for the base of the Neogene (The Paleogene/Neogene Boundary)
    Ocellar Mafic Rocks of 1-Type and A-Type Plutonic Series (Adamello, Brittany, Central Bohemian Pluton)
    The Ordovician of Central Europe in a new stratigraphical context
    Paleomagnetic geotraverse from Southern Alps to Thuringian Forest and its tectonic significance
    The Permo-Carboniferous metallogenetic evolution in central Europe - an outline
    Projects ALP 2002 and SUDETES 2003 - Continuation of 3D Refraction Seismic Experiments in Central Europe
    I rapporti tra il bivalve Lithophaga alpina (Zittel, 1866) ed il corallo Actinastrea elongata Alloiteau, 1954, nel Cretaceo superiore dell'Italia nord-orientale
    Recent state of knowledge of the deep structure of the Eastern Alps: a review
    Reconstructing P-T paths during continental collision using multi-stage garnet (Gran Paradiso nappe, Western Alps)
    Relationships between clayey soils, parent rock and environmental conditions in the Lombardian Apennines
    Review of petrographic and mineralogical evidence for fluid induced dehydration of the mafic lower crust: could there be a relationship between granitoids and granulite facies xenoliths in the Variscan Belt?
    Simulation and verification of evapotranspiration and rainfall-runoff processes in the Liz (Czech Republic) and Gallina (Italy) experimental basins
    Translational Block-Type Slope Movements - Mechanism and Examples
    Ultrasonic Investigation of P-wave anisotropy of selected crustal and upper mantle rocks
    Use of the laser Ablation ICP-MS Technique for U-Pb Zircon Dating
    The Variscan lower continental crust: evidence for crustal delamination from geochemical and petrological investigations
    Why is 'red marble' red?
    Za minerály do italského Val Malenca