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Geografické jméno
    Košetice (Pelhřimov, Pelhřimov)
    Environment quality in the Czech Republic at the regional level (evaluation of the results from Košetice observatory)
    Estimation of long-term trends in the tropospheric 14CO2 activity concentration
    Lead isotope ratios in tree bark pockets: An indicator of past air pollution in the Czech Republic
    Monitoring, modelling and study of environmental fate of persistent organic compounds in the Kosetice observatory, south Bohemia - the results of 14 years project
    Monitoring of atmospheric excess 14C around Paks nuclear power plant, Hungary
    Radiocarbon in the air of Central Europe: Long-term investigations
    Results of integrated monitoring at the Czech ICP-IM station Košetice Observatory
    Trend assessment of deposition, throughfall and runoff water chemistry at the ICP-IM station Kosetice, Czech Republic