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    A new species of the diplopod Amynilyspes (Oniscomorpha) from the Stephanian Lagerstätte of Montceau-Les-Mines, France
    Plicatodus jordani n.g., n.sp., a new xenacantid shark from the Lower Permian of Europe (Saar-Nahe Basin, Germany)
    A redescription of the Late Carboniferous eurypterids Adelophthalmus granosus von Meyer, 1853 and A. zadrai Přibyl, 1952
    Review of the late Westphalian-early Stephanian macrofloras of the Dobrudzha Coalfield, Bulgaria
    The taxonomy of middle Westphalian medullosalean foliage known as "Alethopteris grandinioides early form" from the Central and Western Bohemian basins