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    crystal structure
    Clinopyroxene from alkali pyroxenite xenolith, Loučná-Oberwiesenthal Volcanic Centre, Bohemian Massif: crystal chemistry and structure
    Crystal structure and formula revision of deliensite, Fe[(UO.sub.2./sub.).sub.2./sub.(SO.sub.4./sub.).sub.2./sub.(OH).sub.2./sub.](H.sub.2./sub.O).sub.7./sub
    Crystal structure of meteoritic schreibersites: determination of absolute structure
    Crystal structure of vanadite: Refinement of anisotropic displacement parameters
    Hydrothermal assemblage of Cl-, F- and OH-bearing apatite-group minerals from Maglovec, near Prešov, Slovakia
    Influence of titanium content on crystal structure of iron monosulfide
    Leydetite, Fe(UO.sub.2./sub.)(SO.sub.4./sub.).sub.2./sub.(H.sub.2./sub.O).sub.11./sub., a new uranyl sulfate mineral from Mas d'Alary, Lodeve, France
    Parageneses and Crystal Chemistry of Arsenic Minerals
    Švenekite, Ca[AsO.sub.2./sub.(OH).sub.2./sub.].sub.2./sub., a new mineral from Jáchymov, Czech Republic
    Vanadium-rich tourmaline from graphitic rocks at Bítovánky, Czech republic; compositional variation, crystal structure
    Vavřínite Ni2SbTe2, a new mineral species from the Kunratice Cu-Ni sulfide deposit, Czech Republic
    Vihorlatite, Bi24Se17Te4, a new mineral of the tetradymite group from Vihorlat Mts., Slovakia